Sweethearting Theft

Eye-Tracking Service, Sales Tax Crisis, Sweethearting Theft, Online Reputation, POS Health Risks


istock_000001838574xsmall A proposed state sales tax for over 30 states could cripple your profits or employee sick days could hurt customer service. Theft always means profit loss and your competitor could be outselling you with better product packaging. Learn details about what could make or break your business in this weekly roundup.

1. Eye-tracking service helps retailers strengthen shelf presence – This article explains a valuable new service offered by User Centric. They are a user research firm based in Chicago that is offering a way to analyze consumers’ eye movements when viewing package design.

As you know effective packaging can increase a products sale and that’s critical in today’s dwindling economy. Shoppers might not always know exactly what draws them to a products packing, but their eye movements provide all the details.

Read on to learn about a service that can show you how your product stands up to the competition.

2. Will States Kill on line retail?
– By far this is the most important article of the week for online retailers. Over 30 states are considering taxes on all internet purchases which could be a huge crisis across the board. With over 14,000 different taxes codes and rates for each individual purchase can you image the hiccups in present shopping cart software? Not only would you have to keep the tax code up to date, but the paperwork alone would be phenomenal.

This could spell doom for many online retailers to the point that the states would eventually gain nothing. No online retailers, no taxes to collect. The author urges you to contact your representatives in Washington regarding this issue and allows you to use their letter if needed. Take action against this crazy proposition Today!

3. Video of my Sweetheart – “Sweethearting” may be something that you have not heard of but it’s a big problem in the retail industry. Sweethearting is a popular way in which employees steal using a friend or family member.

The example given in the article states:

Remember when you were in high school and your boyfriend slipped an extra large-fry into your order for free? And you said to your friends, “what a sweetheart!” Well, there you go.

This technique costs the industry around $13 billion a year with an estimated 30% of employees using it at least once during their employment. The author discusses a company that can help with advanced video surveillance and recognition technology.

4. 4 Steps To Managing Your SMB’s Online Reputation – No matter what the size of your company is your online reputation means everything. This informative article at Small Business Trends gives 4 incredible tips to protecting your reputation with online consumers. This is a must read for any online business considering the rise in social media that brings a whole new meaning to “word of mouth”.

5. Point-of-Sale Printers May Trigger Asthma – The biggest talked about story of the week presented at Forbes.com talks about the dangers of chemicals used in thermal receipt printing. This is not a new concept, but one that has been proven by the New England Journal of Medicine which followed one 62 year old woman that had been exposed to thermal printing for a long period of time.

There is no large concern for panic on this issue, yet it’s something you should be aware of, as you or your employees print from a point of sale thermal receipt printer.

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