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ELO 1515L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Review


elo1515l_1_pCompany: ELO TouchSystems
Product: 1515L Multifunction 15″ LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Price Range: $465 – $480
Where To Buy: All Things POS, Hallogram, POS Outpost

ELO 1515L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Overview

The space saving design of the ELO 1515L touchmonitor is  an affordable touch screen solution for Point of Sale, Point of Service, Loyalty Systems, Countertop Kiosk Information Systems and much more. This “designed for touch” system includes a stable base and controls on the side that can be locked out for public use. The 1515L LCD POS TouchSystem has an optional 3 track magnetic strip reader that is programmable to either keyboard or HID. This is easily installed on the user end eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments. ELO provides a factored sealed display for the 1515L touchmonitor that keeps out dust and dirt.
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