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The cost of high-quality point of sale software has declined dramatically in the last 10 years and there are now literally dozens of inexpensive point of sale software systems on the market. Most of the newer systems are cloud based, which means they run via the internet and don’t require difficulty installations or fancy hardware. This trend toward faster, lighter, and cheaper solutions makes it possible for smaller retail stores to use some of the best point of sale software on the market without spending a fortune.

One of the most challenging dilemmas is figuring out what features are most important and which inexpensive point of sale software solution best suits your needs. You’ll need to determine what kind of inventory tracking system your business requires, how many users you’ll need, if mobile functionality is important, and whether or not you’re going to need significant customization.

It’s also important that you find a company who you’ll enjoy working with because, invariably, something will go wrong or break — and probably during the holiday rush. At that moment, a fantastic customer service team can make the difference between tearing your hair out or calmly (and quickly) correcting the situation. While you’re shopping for a point of sale system, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the company’s culture and values. Everyone will tell you they have the best customer service, but you’ll be able to tell over the phone whether or not the company’s culture actually reflects that assertion. Friendliness, knowledge, and a relaxed environment are all good indications that a company knows what they’re doing and employees actually care about their work.

Additionally, look for a forward-thinking company that continually innovates. Chances are good that you’re going to work with the same company for several years and you want to make sure their technology will still be relevant in 5-10 years. This means they should be talking about their technological breakthroughs, sharing information about their development process, and soliciting feedback from customers. Companies that fail in this department may seem wonderful at the time you purchase the point of sale system, but they’ll drive you up the wall in a few years when they don’t offer any new features (like mobile integration).

I personally recommend Point of Sale Software by MerchantOS. Their POS software is fantastic and their company culture is very similar to MailChimp – one of the best email newsletter companies on the market. MerchantOS seems to be positioning themselves as a front-runner in mobile integration and their new interface refinements make it easy to use complex functions.

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ASI POS Software Review


ASI POS Software ReviewCompany Website: Anand Systems Inc
Product Website: ASI POS
Price Range: Server $500, Client $250
Operating Systems: Windows Vista or XP

ASI POS Software Overview

Anand Systems Inc offers a point of sale software solution that combine with their front desk software creates an entire management suite for the hospitality industry. ASI-POS is a feature rich point of sale program that is an add on module for the companies popular ASI FrontDesk. The point of sale software is customizable in a variety of ways and is very easy to use with the ample support the company provides to it’s clients.

Anand Systems does offer a free version of cheap essay writing online on this link their software available to download from their website. The version is a 45 day trial that will help you familiarized yourself with the software.
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Point of Sale History Lessons, POS Enhancement for Pharmacies, Small Retailer’s Customer Service Grows Profits, Free Small Retail Store Signage


Small Retail and POS NewsThis weeks roundup starts off with an interesting history lesson on the creation of POS for the small retail industry. The first article is the actual accounts of how one small business owner took his vision and created the very first cash register which essentially was also the first point of sale machine. Our second article is the history of a company that has been in the POS business since 1955, founded in the garage of a smart, inspiring entrepreneur.

The third article in the roundup this week is good news for pharmacies, RxKey and flexTrax Solutions have integrated to form an interface that will improve productivity and customer support to help small town pharmacies compete with big name drug stores.

The fourth article featured this week is an inspiring story from our sponsor, MerchantOS. In the article, Ivan explains how the company has been able to grow without the using selling techniques such as hiring sales people to answer the phone. The company relies solely on their customer service and their dedication to deliver exactly what the customer needs.

Our last article in this weeks roundup is short but good. It’s a free helping hand for small business owners with small retail shops. Check out the review and find out what you could get for free.

1. History of Cash Registers and Point of Sale Systems – Did you know that the first POS appeared in the late 1800’s? Did you know that the merchant who came up with the idea was aboard a ship at the time? Did you know that the first mechanical cash register that recorded transaction was at a saloon? You can find out these interesting facts in this article that describes the history of the point of sale cash register.

2. The History of Order-Matic’s Point of Sale Systems Technology – Order-Matic announced this week that they will be showcasing their latest POS technology at conventions this fall. The company is a leader in the manufacturing of point of sale and restaurant equipment as well as helping minize operating expenses for major corporations such as Taco Bell. The history of the company is an informative read giving the small retailer a background on a company that has excelled in the POS industry.

3. KeyCentrix Inc. Creates Interface Between RxKey® Software and Point Of Sale System – The additional point of sale option, flexTRAX fir KeyCentrix’s RxKey will provide a seamless solution for pharmacies seeking to access patient data and accounts while being able to make the check out process easy for the clerk and the customer. This helps to increase productivity and enhance customer service keeping your business strong and ahead of the competition.

4. How We Sell Our Software – This is absolute proof from a small business retailer that providing the best customer service can grow your business and drive profits. Ivan at the MerchantOS blog describes how the company has been able to grow without the use of “selling” its service. The company focuses on the real needs of its clients and the support they deserve.

5. A Helping Hand for the Small Retailer – This is a review of a total freebie for small retail businesses. A company called Myshopsigns is giving retail businesses the opportunity to obtain free printable signage for their establishments. You have the choice of sale, clearance, open hours, no smoking and many more check them out at Myshopsigns.com.

Salon Touch POS Software Review


Salon Touch POS Software ReviewCompany Website: Salon Touch POS
Product Website: Salon Touch All-in-One POS
Price Range: $77-$89/month for three years
Operating Systems: Pre-Loaded, All-in-One POS Hardware/Software Package

Salon Touch POS Software Overview

Salon Touch POS is a complete all in one package for salons and spas. The robust software combined with the innovative touch screen hardware makes this an efficient low cost solution for any small business owner in the beauty industry. The hardware resists damage from common salon products that can be hazardous and comes complete with a cash drawer, receipt printer, mouse, credit card reader, extra keyboard and all the cables for easy connection. The Salon Touch POS offers two low cost solutions that can either be leased or a rent to own plan. You pay $89 a month for three years and you own this excellent all in one salon point of sale system free and clear.

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Planning a Restaurant POS, New Small Retailer Option, Digital Signage 101, Small Retail Wins, Different Perspective on Customer Feedback


Restaurant POSWe start the roundup this week with a very simple but informative article that lays out a few questions small retailers need to ask when deciding on a POS for their restaurant. The second feature in the roundup is again a short article but I considered it important since it could save many small business owners money on credit card processing fees. Then we focus on an exciting upcoming event at the digital signage expo which is being considered the future of advertising. The fourth article this week is closest to my heart. It shows that local small retailers can still win the battle over online stores by providing physical products. The last article was chosen for the roundup due to the unusual perspective of customer feedback that caught my attention immediately. After reading the article it makes sense what the author is saying so it’s important for you to acknowledge.

1. Questions You Might Want To Ask A Restaurant POS Professional – This article lays out seven questions you need to consider when purchasing a point of sale system for your restaurant. It’s very informative giving you a list of available options that you might not have thought of or planned for. One of the questions list three available forms of POS computer you could use for your business.

2. New Credit Card Processing Systems Help Small Businesses Save Money – Leap Payments is a new credit card processing application designed to help save small retailers a few dollars. They actually offer their service at the same rate as large volume businesses. Leap Payments also promises simple account management and next day funding.

3. Digital Signage Content Strategies Book Launches at Digital Signage Expo – Digital signage seems to be the way future advertising is heading and this expo is here to prove it. Leading industry expert and speaker, Kelsen will be signing copies of his new book Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage. The book helps understand the benefits of three digital signage networks including point of sale (POS).

4. Study: Consumers desire better ‘touch and feel’ shopping experience – The word is out and customers still prefer shopping for a good old fashion physical product. This survey covered more than 3,000 people representing 18 countries. It shows that 75% of consumers want to so into a retail store when buying products. The article goes on to reveal more stats about what customers prefer when visiting a small retail business.

5. Over-reliance on customer feedback is hurting local retailers – The headline immediately drew my attention and after reading the article I could relate to the authors perspective. Simply put, if you’re a small business owner that thinks they have a great relationship with their customers, you might want to think again and read this perspective of what could be happening to your future relationships.

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