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POS and retail newsAs technology emerges yet again into another world we as retailers are under the thumb of the patron.  Many times we think that upgrading will cause problems with our current systems and it can be costly, although the benefits seem to outweigh the expensive costs when it comes to new advancements in technology.

Emerging with the POS systems are the new VeriFones that will be able to us POS systems in place of credit cards, checks and other means of payments.  The problem is that it would need to be widely accepted by retailers for it to work.  The VeriFone would work in place of the physical credit card for easier and faster check out. This may be the new wave of the future for payments.

This may only work if there are already retailers on board with the capabilities of using the verifone.  It also may help if there were a “rewards” card or some type of incentive to get our patrons to use this new way of paying.  All of the glitches need to be worked out because with peoples credit information they are not so willing to just use it for anyone.  They need the confidence that their information is secure and safe.  This can all happen with the new POS systems.

1.  Keeping tabs: Restaurant corporation integrates video with POS system – Information regarding the ease and capabilities of the POS systems used in restaurants, according to David Starmer this is a great way to help with loss prevention, integrating the POS system has helped with time, loss prevention, surveillance, as well as  ordering and a lot of help with extra “eyes” to watch the cash flow in the business.

2. VeriFone puts money near mouth, says it’ll include NFC in all new POS terminals – Continue to upgrade your business to keep up with the changing times.  This VeriFone idea could very well be the lead of the next best thing.  Keep your business in the running by changing your system to accept this type of sale, allow patrons to pay with ease and stay ahead of the changing technology to better succeed in your business.

Small Retail iPad and iPhone Mobile Point of Sale Information, Local Retail Search Result Tips, One Way to Grow Your Business


Retail News and Point of Sale InformationYou might notice that there are only three titles in this weeks roundup post. That would be due to find three very interesting articles on small retail businesses using Apples technology as mobile point of sale devices. The mobile POS world is advancing very rapidly among small retailers and customers alike. The three articles we feature first will help give you a better visual and understanding of what an iPad or iPhone could do for your retail business. The fourth article we feature this week has 6 practices a local retailer should use to gain exposure in local search results for nearby customers. Then we end this weeks roundup with a one chapter excerpt from a book that will give you informative information for one way you can help grow your retail business.

1. Square: A Great Payment System for Churches – When I first read this article I knew for sure it was making the roundup. The author, Shaun Takenouchi, explains the background on this device, how it works and even includes pictures of the actual iPhone running the point of sale. Then he goes on to display a video demo from YouTube and as an added bonus he explains why small retail merchants of all kinds could benefit form using an iPad or iPhone equipped with a square to accept mobile point of sale payments.

2. Point of Sale usability study targets iPad & iPhone systems – Since we featured such a positive review on using these devices as mobile POS solutions we decided to give a true customer experience using it. The author of this article goes into detail on a couple negative effects that these type of mobile payments could have if you don’t know how to avoid them. After reading the observation of the customer during a transaction you will be prepared not to make the same mistakes this small retailer did.

3. Apple Readies New App for Retail Staff POS Units: Report – After featuring both articles above on using Apple Technology for a retail mobile point of sale answer we thought you might like to read what the company is planning to launch for the retail industry that is using their platform as a mobile POS. You’ll find what they have in store for retailers will get you excited about the future.

4. Six best practices for managing local retail search results – An online business listing for your small retail establishment has become a significant part of driving new customers along with higher profits. This will give you six of the best ways to handle your online retail business listing and keeping your information as current as possible.

5. Excerpt: The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business – the author of this book is a blogger at The Retail Customer Experience, a site we feature many articles from. In this article a chapter from his book explains how understanding the four employee personality types can help avoid the pitfalls of a bad worker. Knowing who your “drivers” are and how to help them succeed will grow your small retail business in all areas.

Planning a Restaurant POS, New Small Retailer Option, Digital Signage 101, Small Retail Wins, Different Perspective on Customer Feedback


Restaurant POSWe start the roundup this week with a very simple but informative article that lays out a few questions small retailers need to ask when deciding on a POS for their restaurant. The second feature in the roundup is again a short article but I considered it important since it could save many small business owners money on credit card processing fees. Then we focus on an exciting upcoming event at the digital signage expo which is being considered the future of advertising. The fourth article this week is closest to my heart. It shows that local small retailers can still win the battle over online stores by providing physical products. The last article was chosen for the roundup due to the unusual perspective of customer feedback that caught my attention immediately. After reading the article it makes sense what the author is saying so it’s important for you to acknowledge.

1. Questions You Might Want To Ask A Restaurant POS Professional – This article lays out seven questions you need to consider when purchasing a point of sale system for your restaurant. It’s very informative giving you a list of available options that you might not have thought of or planned for. One of the questions list three available forms of POS computer you could use for your business.

2. New Credit Card Processing Systems Help Small Businesses Save Money – Leap Payments is a new credit card processing application designed to help save small retailers a few dollars. They actually offer their service at the same rate as large volume businesses. Leap Payments also promises simple account management and next day funding.

3. Digital Signage Content Strategies Book Launches at Digital Signage Expo – Digital signage seems to be the way future advertising is heading and this expo is here to prove it. Leading industry expert and speaker, Kelsen will be signing copies of his new book Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage. The book helps understand the benefits of three digital signage networks including point of sale (POS).

4. Study: Consumers desire better ‘touch and feel’ shopping experience – The word is out and customers still prefer shopping for a good old fashion physical product. This survey covered more than 3,000 people representing 18 countries. It shows that 75% of consumers want to so into a retail store when buying products. The article goes on to reveal more stats about what customers prefer when visiting a small retail business.

5. Over-reliance on customer feedback is hurting local retailers – The headline immediately drew my attention and after reading the article I could relate to the authors perspective. Simply put, if you’re a small business owner that thinks they have a great relationship with their customers, you might want to think again and read this perspective of what could be happening to your future relationships.

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