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New POS Printer, Mobile POS from Partner Tech, What Mobile Payments Mean, 7 Small Retailer Recession Tips, 85% will Holiday Shop Online


iStock_000010196243XSmallNew point of sale products highlight our weekly round up this week. A POS printer with a easy to use LCD screen and a new mobile handheld POS system. The introduction of more mobile solutions for the point of sales brings us to what mobile payments will mean for the marketing world. The economy is still slow for many consumers so we feature an article with 7 tips to market to families during the recession. Then we end will the revelation that 85% of consumers will shop online during this holiday season.

1. New Citizen Printer for More Efficient POS Applications – Citizens Systems Europe has released a new point of sale printer that features an LCD screen for easy configuration and delivery of messages. Read our full review of the CT-S801 Thermal Printer.

2. New Handheld Thermal Makes Order Taking a Simpler Process – Partner Tech has released the new OT-100 handheld ordering terminal or mobile POS. It’s a wireless touch screen point of sale aimed at the hospitality industry but could have potential for all retail environments. The system features a flexible operating system, a 4.3” touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s even small enough to place in your pocket.

3. What Mobile Payments Will Mean for the Marketing World – Although the Us has been slow to adapt to mobile payments the question still arises as to what will happen to marketing once a consumer uses a mobile phone for purchases instead of their credit card. Starbucks has introduced the use of mobile payments at the POS allowing iPhone users to download a special app that delivers customer loyalty incentives and re-fill a gift card. Perhaps small retailers will be able to learn form the marketing techniques of Starbucks and the 20% of Japanese consumers that have been using mobile payments over the last four years.

4. ISME 09: Seven tips for marketing to families during a recession – Small retail businesses seem to feel the most effects from a downed economy. Here are 7 tips to marketing to families, particularly women during the time of recession. Women will still shop and buy things that their families need but they tend to shop differently when money has become tight.

What’s different? A drastic uptick in private label brand usage, more coupon clipping, and more online research of purchases before getting in the car to head to the store.

5. Consumers say holiday budgets are tight, 85 percent will shop online – After reading this article and looking at the survey results you better hope you have an online presence this holiday season. Even a small retail shop can benefit form having their store or prices online. Connecting with customers online will be crucial during the holidays as 57% of those surveyed said they will shop around online to find the best deal. If your small retail shop is not on the world wide web you could miss out on important holiday sales.

Zebra TLP 3844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer Review


zebra-tlp_3844-zCompany: Zebra
Product: TLP 3844-Z
Price Range: $660 – $680
Where To Buy: Penguin Express, Dell , POS Micro

Zebra TLP 3844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer Overview

The TLP 3844-Z is the elite of thermal transfer bar code/label printers. It produces high resolution graphics (300dpi) at remarkable speeds. The TLP 3844-Z prints super quality, crisp, clear two dimensional bar codes, fine text and composite graphics up to 4” wide. This helps enhance the scanning and reading of small labels such as laboratory vials and jewelry tags. Zebra has top the charts with this incredible printer that will keep your bar codes/labels intact in extreme environmental conditions. The TLP 3844-Z is a perfect solution for any retail point of sale industry.
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Zebra TLP 3842 Thermal Transfer Printer Review


zebra-tlp_3842Company: Zebra
Product: TLP 3842
Price Range: $500 – $650
Where To Buy: PC Nation, National Bar Codes, Keenzo

Zebra TLP 3842 Thermal Transfer Printer Overview

Zebra’s TLP 3842 is an affordable thermal transfer printer that provides crisp, clear printing on small labels. The TLP 3842 has a 300 dpi printhead enabling the printing of two dimensional bar codes, fine text or composite graphics. Comparable to the other Zebra thermal printers the TLP 3842 offers a variety of connectivity options and easy integration into applications. The high quality, small print is ideal for jewelry tags, labeling of electrical components, mechanical part labeling and much more.
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Zebra TLP 2844 Bar Code Label Printer Review


zebra-tlp_2844Company: Zebra
Product: TLP 2844
Price Range: $510 – $540
Where To Buy: Newegg, POS Micro, Super Warehouse

Zebra TLP 2844 Bar Code Label Printer Overview

The TLP 2844 delivers efficient 4” wide label/bar code printing at an extremely affordable price. This simple to operate thermal transfer printer is low maintenance and space saving ideal for a multitude of applications. Zebra has implemented a variety of connectivity options with the TLP 2844. You can connect via USB, Serial, Parallel or connect the TLP 2844 to your network for the entire workplace to use. The TLP 2844 is a user friendly option that delivers optimal performance in desktop labeling.
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Zebra TLP 2824 Bar Code Label Printer Review


zebra-tlp_2824Company: Zebra
Product: TLP 2824
Price Range: $410 – $500
Where To Buy: POS Guys, Provantage, BarCode Giant

Zebra TLP 2824 Bar Code Label Printer Overview

Zebra’s TLP 2824 is the answer for an ultra compact thermal transfer printer that will fit in any small space. The TLP 2824 prints up to 2.2” and ensures remarkable speed combine with long lasting print solutions. Zebra has met today’s demand for label printing applications that offers many flexible connectivity choices. The TLP 2824 is perfect for low volume bar code/label printing including retail point of sale, shelf labeling, patient tracking and a variety of shipping solutions.
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