No Lending for Small Retailers

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Point of Sale and Smll Retail NewsThe first article in this weeks roundup is a simple task that could save you and your customers a tom of grief. CBC News features an article on how thieves are stealing POS data and how small retailers can help prevent it. The next featured article is an announcement of a preferred payment processing company for all Retail Pro point of sale software customers. The third article in this weeks retail news touches on the difficulty small business owners are having getting the loans they need to expand, grow or start their business. An added bonus to the article is the motivating video of an entrepreneur that succeeded in obtaining the loan he need after many failed attempts. As many of our faithful readers know we almost always feature an article that deals with technology and the small retail industry and this week is no exception. Our fourth article is presented by The Specialty Retail Expert on the top website mistakes to avoid when using or creating a website for your small retail business. The last feature this week is an incredible story about a creative mom and her toddler daughter that now has her clothing line featured in small retail shops in Michigan.

1. Thieves skim customer data from debit terminals – This news story presented by CBC-TV’s Marketplace states that many small retailers may not be clearing their POS terminals nightly as they should be doing. This is leading to more thieves doing a smash and grab robbery but taking on the point of sale terminal device that includes all the customers credit card information. This is a large growing problem in the small retail industry and you should read more on how to make sure you and your customers are protected from theft.

2. Retail Pro Selects RBS WorldPay as Its Preferred Payment Processor – WordPay announced this week that it has been chosen as Retail Pro International’s preferred payment processor. For customers of Retail Pro this will deliver Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) processing, improved pricing for Retail Pro’s high performance payment interface and many other features. You may check out our article on Retail Pro 9 by clicking here.

3. Small firms would hire you, if only they could get loans – This is an extremely interesting article with some facts and figures that might look discouraging for small retail business owners. The article is focused on one success story of a young entrepreneur with a creative business idea that after many attempts achieved his goal by finding a lender to finance him.

4. Top Five Website Mistakes – These are five very basic mistakes that a small retail could make when creating or running a website for their brick and mortar store. Grab a pen and pencil to jot down just a few quick reminders of what makes your website a success.

5. A Daughter’s Creativity Fuels Her Mother’s Passion – This is a truly exciting story about Heather Kline-Smith, a mom who was inspired by her daughters “toddler art” to create a clothing line for toddlers. She has since had many offers from small retails shops in Northern Michigan to add her line of clothing to their shops.

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