Quickbooks Point of Sale Review

Are you thinking about using Quickbooks Point of Sale software for your business? Before making the leap and investing several thousand dollars in retail software, it’s important to look at which features your business needs and determine whether or not there’s a better and cheaper solution on the market.

The majority of today’s point of sale software systems include many of the same features: inventory tracking, complex item information, automatic purchase orders, and effective hardware. More advanced features, which aren’t always present, include: mobile compatibility, cloud-based software, software customization, native¬†integrations, and vendor catalogs.

How does Quickbooks point of sale software stack up? Newer point of sale software companies like MerchantOS¬†include all of these features and don’t require lengthy installations or specialized hardware. Unlike older companies, MerchantOS uses a monthly subscription model that allows clients to use their system without a steep initial investment, hard-sell, or lengthy contract. These newer companies are also cloud based– which is a fancy way of saying they run entirely off the internet. This simplifies your setup process, ensures frequent software updates, and makes customer service significantly easier (and much cheaper) than traditional software options.

There’s also often a cultural difference between larger traditional companies and these 21st century startups. ¬†Customer service is often personal and efficient, delays are almost non-existent, and there are usually aren’t any extra fees or hidden charges. Customers feel like they’re working with real humans instead of a giant machine. There’s something to be said for this superhuman level of customer service and you’ll especially appreciate it when you’re experiencing a technical glitch of having trouble figuring out a tool (especially if it’s during peak shopping seasons).

Here’s more information about the MerchantOS point of sale software and here’s a review of the Quickbooks point of sale system.


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