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We’ve collected information on all the leading POS Software applications that are available. Click on the product name below that you’d like to get more information on. Point of Sale Software Products are listed by price range or you may choose a specific operating system. If you’ve used any of the products listed please leave a comment on the product review and share your opinions.

1. MerchantOS

This is one of the best web-based POS systems on the market and the price is unbeatable. Most shops will only pay $100/mo and there aren’t any setup fees, contracts, or hidden costs. MerchantOS has dozens of impressive features and is very easy to use. Their biggest advantages over their competitors: innovation, price, and customer service.

2. Intuit

Intuit is still a giant in the retail industry and their point of sale software is a viable option for most businesses, especially because it integrates so easily with Quickbooks. It’s worth noting though that many other systems also integrate with Quickbooks. This POS system is fully featured and a solid choice.

3. Alexandria POS

A good choice for salons and restaurants who need specialized software. It’s important to note that their systems need to be manually installed on a local computer, which means stored data may be susceptible to hardware failures.

How to Evaluate Point of Sale Software

Selecting the right POS system is a daunting challenge. There are dozens of options and a bad system can result in countless hours of wasted energy and frustration. The majority of POS systems have identical features so services are usually evaluated by price, innovation, and aesthetic preference.

POS System Price

Different systems can have entirely different pricing structures, but they’re broadly categorized as either single purchase products or subscription services. Single purchase products usually cost between $100 and $1,800 and are installed on local computers, which is an attractive option for cash-strapped retailers who need a cheap solution. The downside to single purchase software is that it’s rarely updated, data can be corrupted due to local hardware failure, and repairs or servicing usually costs extra. Intuit has a very trustworthy single purchase product, but at $1,100 it’s fairly expensive.

Subscription based services are becoming a very popular option because they usually include unlimited customer support, automatic software upgrades, and are 100% protected against hardware failures or data corruption. Subscription POS systems usually run from $100/mo to $200/mo and are a viable option for most retail businesses. Be cautious about signing long term contracts or paying hefty setup fees. MerchantOS is a great example of a subscription based service.

Cutting-Edge POS Systems

Innovation should be an important factor when choosing your POS system because you could end up using the same system for several years. Subscription based services have a huge advantage because their fees include continual product updates and, as long as the company is still around, they’re still likely to be innovative several years down the road. Try to find a foward-thinking company that employs competent software developers (tip: this information is usually available in the “About Us” section of a website).

Aesthetics Matter

Your POS software should be well designed. Ugly systems are usually poorly programmed, hard to navigate, and will lead to additional frustration. It may seem silly, but you’ll appreciate a beautiful system if you have to spend long hours working on it. Plus, although it may sound silly, customers will also draw conclusions about your business based how attractive or ugly your software looks.

This doesn’t necessairly mean you should invest in a super fancy, custom programmed iPad POS system (although you could!) but aesthetics are an often ignored component that can differentiate your from everyone else.

Software Reviews by Operating System

POS Software Price: $0-$100

POS Software Price: $100-$1,000

POS Software Price: $1,000-$5,000

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