Restaurant POS Software Review


Company Website: Bill’s Point of Sale Software
Product Website: Restaurant POS Software
Price Range: $125 – $295
Operating Systems: Windows NT (SP4), 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2)

Restaurant POS Software Overview

Bill’s POS software for restaurants has many different functions to fit a company’s need. Dine in POS software makes it convenient for workers to keep track of sales, tables and splitting checks. The POS software for take out restaurant has features that will make tracking easier for companies. You can recall customer’s profiles and their last order. For night clubs or bars there is the Bar POS software. This product allows workers to provide their customers with tabs and supports quick payment of cash or credit. The Self-Service software allows well-organized service and convenience to customers. This service is fast, reduces mistakes and reduces work for employees.
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4POS Retail Software Review


Company Website: Bibase SoftwareBibase Software
Product Website: 4POS Retail
Price Range: $49 – $64
Operating Systems: Windows ME, XP, Vista

4POS Retail Software Overview

Using Windows 98 or later, the 4POS Retail product is software that will make it possible to use your computer as a point of sale workstation. A company can use this software to process sales once you add your stock to the software. The 4POS Retail product brings a company’s inventory and customer databases together making it simple to use the sales interface. Using this software allows companies to track items that are sold and the software provides a secure log on to protect it also.
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Business Manager POS Software Review


Company Website: Atlantis Consulting Group
Product Website: Business Manager POS
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Web Based, Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista

Business Manager POS Software Overview

Business Manager POS is a web based software solution for your retail business needs. The software will run on a regular PC running Windows 98 or higher so there is not expensive equipment to buy. The internet connection is only required when linking to the main server, so you do not need a persistent connection to the internet. Business Manger POS will empower you to access store records and reports in real time to help you make better financial decisions. With this software you will be able to track inventory, sales and receive customized reports daily.
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Arel Retail Point of Sale Software Review


Company Website: Arel Retail
Product Website: Arel Retail Point of Sale
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Not Available

Arel Retail Point of Sale Software Overview

Arel Retail is a sophisticated program that will give you all the tools you need to run an efficient business. The software runs on a standard PC and give you the flexibility of tiered or flat pricing, bar code reading and inventory control. The Arel Retail system is now available in multiple languages making it easy to train employees from anywhere. There is no extra modules to buy, this software is a complete business management package. This will let you take care of inventory, customers, employees and all your accounting in one simple easy to use system.
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PearlPOS Software Review


Company Website: PearlPOS
Product Website: PearlPOS
Price Range: $495
Operating Systems: Windows XP Home Edition

PearlPOS Software Overview

PearlPOS is a simple software program that will help you run your business easier. The basic features like inventory, customer, and sales information will provide you with the knowledge to make better decisions for your business. You will be able to manage vendor accounts as well as set alerts for inventory. PearlPOS is a flexible, cost efficient program for the retail industry.
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