Apple changes the retail experience


Apple iPod express

The December holiday season is a very busy period for many retailers. Apple expected a huge request for their iPod line of digital media players, and streamlined the sales process for these devices in the Apple shops.

They reserved a section of the shop for their most popular product, and called it the iPod Express. The iPod Express area has more stock than usually to give the item directly to the customer and uses a 30-inch Cinema Display to advise customers which models were in stock. But the most revolutionary part of the iPod Express is that they take advantage of the Internet savvy audience, and mimic the Internet shopping experience,

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Happy Holidays



The holiday season is a very special season for retailers and restaurateurs. It is a season in which they depend more than ever on their Point Of Sale system. Any failure directly results in big losses. Also for EPOS dealers things are different. Their sales go down —few people risk changing their system during December— and the support department has to attend more nervous clients.

The period between Christmas and New Year is traditionally a period of looking back to the past year and making plans for the coming year. 2005 has been a very special year for the Point Of Sale blog, since it was founded this year. It has been a fun year of trying out formats, finding a place for the POS blog and getting some loyal readers.
There are many plans for the coming year: a lot of posts, a redesign, and hopefully many more readers.

Anyways, a Happy Holidays to all those of you who regularly visit the site, read the feed, or happen to have just arrived via some search engine. See you in the new year!

O’Neil presents label printer LP3


O'Neil LP3

Portable printer manufacturer O’Neil presented a wireless portable thermal label printer, the O’Neil LP3. The device prints from 1″ to 3″ label stock and can accommodate a wide variety of labels and paper, including the heavy stock necessary for hang tags and other specialty label needs. The LP3 wireless capabilities include user-installable PCMCIA 802.11 or 802.11b radio cards as well as Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2-compliant modules.

POS systems buyer’s guide


I just found an excellent buyer’s guide for Point Of Sale systems over at BuyerZone. The buyer’s guide explains the benefits of an EPOS solution and talks about the differences between Retail and Hospitality and the various peripherals involved. There are tips about selecting the right POS dealer and they give some general pricing guidelines.

These pages are a good place to start when you’re looking for a new POS system, though I would not use the vendors they suggest at the end of the guide. I’d rather use the knowledge from the guide and go shopping locally. After all, support is what makes the difference, and there are not that many dealers in your neighbourhood.

Electronic Data Interchange



EDI is a general name for a number of techniques to communicate electronically (via e-mail or an FTP server) with your supplier. By linking your POS system of business software directly to the sales software of the supplier you save a lot of time and you have less errors in your supply chain.

EDI documents contain the same data that would normally be found in a paper document used for the same organisational function. An EDI document may contain a ship to address, bill to address, a list of product numbers (usually a UPC code) and quantities. It may have other information if the parties agree to include it.

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