RFID beverage tilt switch


Beverage Metrics

eWeek reports about a novel product for monitoring and reporting every liquor, beer and wine serving at the establishment.

Beverage Metrics consist of RFID equiped tilt switches that can be attached to the bottles. Each time a bartender pours a drink, the data is transferred to the server via RFID. The software is not merely recording how many times the bottle is poured, but it factors in the tilt of the bottle, the duration of the pour and the bartender’s pouring style to calculate how much liquid is leaving the bottle.

POS reconciliation matches the served brand with the POS ring-up and recipe. Each pour is automatically reconciled with its ring-up, and an unaccounted pour is clearly marked until it is duly entered.

At this moment the costs of this new system are still rather high (arounf $5 per sensor plus a subscription fee roughly equivalent to about 1 percent of revenue), but if it gets a little bit of market share, prices may drop to $2 for a sensor.

Pricing strategy



In the current competetive markets, pricing is crucial. Yet, I have found that many small firms often do not have well-conceived pricing plans. And many such firms seem to panic (or ignore the problem) when large discount-oriented retailers enter their trading areas.

This is not necessary; small retailers can prosper in today’s discount-oriented environment, as long as they have a good understanding of their niche in the marketplace.

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New Fujitsu self-ordering


Fujitsu U-Serv 100

This week, Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. showed two new self-ordering solutions, the U-Serv 100 (shown on the right) and the U-Serv 200.

The solutions complement and easily integrate into existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, helping companies improve service and lower costs by alleviating peak time traffic and redeploying labor to more productive activities. Fujitsu’s U-Serv 100 accepts credit and loyalty cards, can dispense gift cards, and lets customers place orders from a large touch screen display in a small stand-alone kiosk that occupies the same floor space as a typical promotional display. The U-Serv 200 model offers additional flexibility by accepting debit cards and has the ability to print event tickets.

Both terminals come powered by NextChoice software, and are part of Fujitsu’s Pervasive Retailing™ Framework.

IBM introduces new 17″ IBM Anyplace Kiosk models


IBM AnyPlace kiosk

More news from the Retail Systems Show in Chicago: IBM showed the latest addition to their Anyplace Kiosk line of terminals.

Highlights of the new models include:

  • At 17 inches, models offer a big screen in an ultra-compact all-in-one unit;
  • 1280 x 1024 resolution offers better clarity and more detail than smaller models;
  • The bigger touch screen makes it easier for several people to view at once.

The IBM Anyplace Kiosk combines a 1.30GHz processor, advanced infrared (IR) touch screen display and optional peripherals in a slim, tapered design, offering a cost-effective opportunity to install an informational kiosk virtually “anyplace”. With the capability to show full-screen video as well as high quality sound, the kiosks can deliver a variety of applications including product information, self-ordering in restaurants, unattended check-in for hotel guests, healthcare screening statistics and much more across a variety of segments including retail, travel / tourism, communications, financial, government, transportation, entertainment, healthcare and other sectors.

Epson presents the TM-H6000III multifunction POS printer


Epson TM-H6000III

Today at the Retail Systems show, Epson introduced the TM-H6000III, a multifunction POS printer with advanced check processing.

This printer promises to be an excellent choice in those countries where check payments still represent a significant number of retail and supermarket transactions. Tests carried out by Epson achieved 99.9% MICR accuracy:

The TM-H6000III reads MICR and prints and endorses a check in a single pass, which shortens check printing time up to 50% over “check flipping” options. This feature, combined with the fastest thermal receipt printing available – up to 63 lines per second – offers retailers ultra-fast transaction times.

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