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posMobile point of sale for brick and mortar small retailers is the theme presented in this weeks roundup. Reading through the weekly retail and POS news numerous articles referenced the mobile marketplace and how it’s expected to change the retail industry as a whole.

The first article we feature announces a stand for a very popular mobile point of sale device, the iPad. Although not featured in the articles this week I did run across a few websites showcasing surveys that computer manufacturers are taking tablets very seriously towards the business market. The potential for a brick and mortar, mom and pop company to accept credit cards anywhere is quite appealing.

The second article in the roundup was a very interesting announcement that I’m curious to see if it actually catches on with consumers. PayNearMe is launching a system that will allow shoppers to pay cash at a 7-Eleven POS for an online purchase.

The third and fourth articles this week blend well together. Grab a notepad with some quite time before you dig into these two informative articles on mobile commerce and presence for retailers. The first article explains what mobile commerce is and why small retailers should be learning it. The second article is a few tips that will help you establish a mobile retail presence.

Our last article this week is a great gesture from Mannequin Madness, some budget friendly ideas for retail shop window displays. They offer three great ideas that are cash friendly as well as resources for supplies and none of the displays include Mannequins.

1. IStand is a POS Pole for the iPad – If sturdy enough, this could be a blessing for some retail establishments that are starting to use the iPad as a mobile point of sale device. The stand has a place for a dock table and bolts shut around the iPad that covers the Home Button for security purposes. The stand swivels and tilts providing a custom interactive POS system for any business.

2. PayNearMe Announces Real-Time Cash Payment System That Enables Wide Range of Businesses to Serve Consumers Who Prefer Cash – Companies such as Amazon and Facebook have already jumped on the bandwagon with this new payment option. It will offer customers that don’t have a credit card, debit card or just prefer to pay cash the ability to pay at 7-Eleven stores for their e-commerce purchase.

3. What is Mobile Commerce, and Why Should You Care? – This extensive article will give you the insight to what mobile commerce is all about. Many small retailers do not know exactly what to consider, what’s involved and how it affects their business. This article will give you a much better understanding of the overall mobile side of retail.

4. Six steps for building a mobile retail presence – Once you’ve recognized yourself with mobile commerce, it’s time to dig in and get some tips for building a mobile business for your retail establishment. The future seems to be leaning in the direction mobile and online presence will be essential to bringing in new customers for traditional brick and mortar retailers.

5. Budget Friendly Resources for Fantastic Retail Window Displays – If you’re looking for a couple creative window displays and you’re on a budget this is a great place to start. This company provides some incredible ideas for catchy displays that won’t drain your pockets and will have customers stopping to look.

ASI POS Software Review


ASI POS Software ReviewCompany Website: Anand Systems Inc
Product Website: ASI POS
Price Range: Server $500, Client $250
Operating Systems: Windows Vista or XP

ASI POS Software Overview

Anand Systems Inc offers a point of sale software solution that combine with their front desk software creates an entire management suite for the hospitality industry. ASI-POS is a feature rich point of sale program that is an add on module for the companies popular ASI FrontDesk. The point of sale software is customizable in a variety of ways and is very easy to use with the ample support the company provides to it’s clients.

Anand Systems does offer a free version of their software available to download from their website. The version is a 45 day trial that will help you familiarized yourself with the software.
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Vend POS Software Review


Vend POS Software ReviewCompany Website: Vend
Product Website: Vend POS
Price Range: $29 – $99 monthly
Operating Systems: Web Based

Vend POS Software Overview

Vend is a combination of a retail point of sale and stock management software that’s entirely web based making it available to any computer user. The point of sale software will work whether you’re online or offline and it’s compatible with all your existing POS hardware including receipt printers, barcode readers and even touchscreen monitors.

Vend point of sale software offers multiple management areas including product management, stock control and customer management. Each area allows you to easily maintain products, inventory and pricing standards for one or multiple retail locations. The company also offers a 30 day free trial.
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Advancing Mobile POS, PCI Compliance Announcement, Future of Retail, Small Retailers Left Behind


Retail News and POS ReviewsThe weekly round up will only feature four articles this week BUT we are currently working on two new Point of Sale Software Reviews that will be posted early next week.

We start this week with a major announcement from the Dutch that shows mobile point of sale solutions are becoming the future for many retailers. Our second feature is also an announcement stating the collaboration of a well known point of sale vendor and a data security company to bring PCI Compliance to their customers.

The last two articles we showcase in the roundup this week focus solely on the retail industry. Read about the launch of a new technology that combines smart phones with consumer behavior for a pioneering in store shopping experience. The last article we feature will help small retailers understand exactly IF they will qualify for Obama’s proposed Business Tax Break.

1. Netherlands to have mobile payment system by 2012 – Dutch Banks have joined forces with mobile operators to allow consumers in the Netherlands to use their smart phones as a mobile payment solution by the year 2012. Six companies have started the process of interacting exactly what is needed to make this a secure and successful solution for Dutch shoppers.

2. Retail Anywhere Collaborates with Cybera to Deliver PCI Compliance Solution – This announcement will hopefully be good news for Retail Anywhere customers. The company is promising this joint venture will provide a clear, easy answer to retail business to assure they are PCI compliant.

3. Jones New York Launches Innovative in-Store Experience at Macy’s Herald Square – The new technology might be the secret to the future of retailing. Using Microsoft tags, shoppers can download content on their smart phones as they shop on 25 products throughout the store. This would allow the potential buyer to view a unique “sales pitch” of the product while standing there deciding on whether to make the purchase…

4. Obama tax breaks: Limited help for small biz – Many businesses were eager to hear to the announcement of President Obama’s Business Tax Cuts but they reality is a little disconcerting for many small retailers. It seems the proposed “help” would only benefit businesses that spent over $250,000 in one year making improvement such as purchasing new inventory or equipment. The fact that small retailers are having a tough time just making payroll, it seems that type of spending is very unrealistic.

POS Software For iPhone


Retail News and POS ReviewsHappy Labor Day Weekend from your friends at The Wizard of POS. This week the first two articles we feature are about the latest point of sale technology. The first article announces Intuit’s application that’s turns the iPhone into a mobile point of sale unit for retailers. The second feature talks about Japan implementing the iPad as a point of sale device and includes a neat video showing you the action.

The third article this week is about a company offering a small hand to small retailers by offering a cost effective mailing promotion for their customers. Then we move onto a serious issue across our nation, how small business owners are fairing the Gulf oil spill. We end our round up this week with an inspiring story of an entrepreneur that helps retail establishments offer coupons to local customers via the internet.

1. Intuit launches credit card processing tool for iPhones – It was only going to be a matter of time before a well known point of sale company provided a solution for a mobile POS. Intuit announced this week the creation of an app that will turn your iPhone into a mobile POS system for the retailers on the go.

2. Video: iPad-based Point Of Sale Cash Register System – The revelation and testing of a new system for point of sale transactions to be placed using the iPad and a few other components. The system is called FLAVIUS, it includes an iPad and a special purpose counter that eliminates the bulky cash register. The article includes a video demonstration of this new technology.

3. Business Booster Online launches site to help Small Businesses – The companies announcement this week is for small retail business that are looking to target a specific audience with direct mailings. The company offers retailers to pick a postcard design add a custom message and have them mailed for under 65 cents per card. You can view their designs here.

4. Gulf Spill Taking Toll on Small Businesses – A quarter of the small businesses surveyed across the nation state that the Gulf oil spill has had some type of negative effect on their establishments. Although the report suggests things might be stabilizing the effects could linger on long term. The article provides some very informative data on what small retailers reported.

5. Chicago entrepreneur makes a go in the online coupon business – A website launched at the beginning of the year by Gwen Bauer allows businesses in the Chicago area to offer local customers online coupons. This allows the retail community to reach a variety of new customers in the area that are looking for local deals. If your business is located within the Chicago area visit to find out how you can start offering customers online discount coupons.

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