Fujitsu Refreshes POS Software



Fujitsu plans the next release of its GlobalSTORE point of sale (POS) software. New features will include fully touch-enabled interactive screens for cashiers and customer information displays, simplified integration to other store systems including customer relationship management programs and U-Scan checkout systems and Microsoft-centric technology. GlobalSTORE minimizes the time to create real-time interoperability between disparate applications and devices. The application is a customizable POS and cash management system.

POS screen protector



One of the most vulnarable parts of each Point Of Sale system with a Touch Screen is the touch surface. It is susceptible to scratches, gouges, dirt, dust, grease, oil, and wear and tear due to normal use – all of which can render the touch screen inoperable.

For POS systems operating in very dirty environments, such as beach bars —sand!— and garages —oil!— it is advisable to protect your precious touch screen with a special protector, such as those offered by PosR. These sheets are ultra thin, so you won’t notice the difference in normal use, but will increase the lifespan of your screen.

Mircosoft Updates WEPOS



Microsoft issues its first update to the Windows-based retail operating system, Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS). WEPOS 1.1 adds support for the latest industry standards, streamlines installation of mass storage devices during setup, and enhances its language support. The new language support includes Multilingual User Interface packs (MUIs) for more than 30 languages. The WEPOS 1.1 update follows the recent Microsoft POS for .Net 1.11 update. That release featured added device classes for biometrics, bill acceptor and dispensers and image scanner peripherals.

Samsung Bixilon SPP-R200


Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200Bixilon‘s new SPP-R200 mobile thermal printer features a rugged design and printing speeds of up to 80mm per second. The one touch open design provides Easy Drop-in paper loading and a long lasting Li-lon 7.4V battery. Its compact size, light weight and integrated MSR make it ideal for retail, hospitality and delivery service applications.

The Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200 comes with everything you need to get you started in the box:
1x SPP-R200 (with Bluetooth and MSR as standard)
1x Lithium Ion battery
1x Ac adapter and power cord
1x Belt strap
1x Roll of thermal paper
1x Utilities, drivers & Manuals CD
1x Quick reference guide


  • Printing Method Direct Thermal Line
  • Printing Width 48mm
  • Resolution 203 * 203 DPI
  • Paper Loading Clamshell Type
  • Printing Speed Max. 80 mm/s
  • Paper Width Max. 58mm
  • Paper Diameter Max. φ40
  • Barcode 1D, 2D
  • Low Battery Alarm 4 Step
  • MSR 2 Trackㄴ
  • NV Image Max. 256 KB
  • Battery
  • Li-Ion (7.4VDC, 1200mAh)
  • Stand-by:14 hours
  • Operation hours: 6 hours
  • Wired Interface Serial / USB (Optional)
  • Wireless Interface Bluetooth (Ver. 1.2)
  • Dimension (mm) 80 x 126 x 45
  • Weight Approx. 285g (include paper)
  • Safety / EMC Standard UL, TUV / CE, FCC
  • Accessories:
    • Charger
    • Power Cord, Belt Strap
  • Options:
    • Serial / USB Cable, Case
    • Spare Battery, Cradle
    • Cigar Jack Charger




Many retailers sell products that is grouped into Matrix. A Matrix is a way of grouping inventory items that share the same basic item information but differ in one or two item characteristics, example size, colour, pattern, etc. A Matrix is a rectangular array of elements (or entries) set out by rows and columns.

For example, a shoe store can have a line of shoe that comes in different colours and sizes. Rather than adding an item for each colour and size, you add one item and define it as a Matrix. Then you can specify its characteristics like in this case colour and size. When viewing your inventory or planning a purchase or issuing an invoice, it can be very helpful to view and work with a Matrix.

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