Splitting the bill with Microsoft Surface


Microsoft SurfaceToday, Microsoft announces their latest product, Microsoft Surface. Surface is basically a powerful computer disguised as a table with a interactive surface. Surface automatically detects objects, and can interact with them.

One of the demo videos on the Surface site shows how this product can be used in a hospitality environment. The video shows a group of friends having a drink, and when one of the persons lays his credit card on the table, Surface automatically reads the card (how?) and displays information about the card holder:

Surface recognized credit card

The center of the table shows images of all the food drinks consumed at the table, and each person can simply drag an item to their credit card and split the bill:

Splitting the bill

Surface is a very neat product, but at $10.000 really only an option for very trendy places with few tables.

Sharp announces new embedded POS system


Sharp UXP500hard

Sharp Electronics announced the availability of the UP-X300CF256 embedded POS system integrated with the optional Sharp SDW online communication solution for back office reporting.

It has a durable, sleek, matte black cabinet and a colour LCD touch-screen, making it an ideal fit for all types of hospitality environments, such as table-service and fast-casual restaurants, bars, cafeterias and delicatessens. The UP-X300CF256 has real client / server functionality with a system structure designed for real-time, dynamic information and simple maintenance via Ethernet or TCP/IP communication systems. This system is intended for configurations with up to six terminals. The system is also expandable with a variety of accessories to meet various hospitality solutions. The UP-X300CF256 can interface with key hospitality peripherals including Ethernet printers, credit card EFT, scales, kitchen video monitors and barcode scanners. For local access to accessories at the terminal, each terminal includes two USB ports and three RS-232 communication ports for a keyboard, drink dispenser, local and remote printers and other accessories.

Fujitsu Refreshes POS Software



Fujitsu plans the next release of its GlobalSTORE point of sale (POS) software. New features will include fully touch-enabled interactive screens for cashiers and customer information displays, simplified integration to other store systems including customer relationship management programs and U-Scan checkout systems and Microsoft-centric technology. GlobalSTORE minimizes the time to create real-time interoperability between disparate applications and devices. The application is a customizable POS and cash management system.

POS screen protector



One of the most vulnarable parts of each Point Of Sale system with a Touch Screen is the touch surface. It is susceptible to scratches, gouges, dirt, dust, grease, oil, and wear and tear due to normal use – all of which can render the touch screen inoperable.

For POS systems operating in very dirty environments, such as beach bars —sand!— and garages —oil!— it is advisable to protect your precious touch screen with a special protector, such as those offered by PosR. These sheets are ultra thin, so you won’t notice the difference in normal use, but will increase the lifespan of your screen.

Mircosoft Updates WEPOS



Microsoft issues its first update to the Windows-based retail operating system, Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS). WEPOS 1.1 adds support for the latest industry standards, streamlines installation of mass storage devices during setup, and enhances its language support. The new language support includes Multilingual User Interface packs (MUIs) for more than 30 languages. The WEPOS 1.1 update follows the recent Microsoft POS for .Net 1.11 update. That release featured added device classes for biometrics, bill acceptor and dispensers and image scanner peripherals.

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