i.STAR Integrated Ecommerce Module for POS Software Review


Company Website: Cam Commerce
Product Website: i.STAR
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP Pro, Vista Pro
Cost of Setup: Not Available
Monthly Fee: $295 for 24 months or $395 for 12 months
Software Starting Price: Not Available
Company Hosting Services: Yes
Additional Software Required: Retail STAR, StarComm, STAR Accounting, i.STAR Setup (Includes graphic design for initial site theme and SSL certificate.)
Website Design Services: Not Offered – the i.STAR code implements into the content area of an existing web page page (ASP code is not allowed on the i.STAR pages)

i.STAR Integrated Ecommerce Module for POS Overview

i.STAR combined with Cam’s Retail Star POS allows you to run your retail store on the internet. The web catalog combine with shopping cart and search capabilities make it easy for your customers to view, search and purchase the product of their choice. i.STAR is a dynamic application that varies depending on the web design layout. It pulls the information from your Retail Star database to the content area of your website. This allows you the flexibility to design around the “content area” any way you would like to.
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Winsell POS with Integrated Ecommerce Software Review


Company Website: Calgary Software Factory Ltd
Product Website: Winsell
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP Home or Professional
Cost of Setup: $1000
Monthly Fee: None
Software Starting Price: 1 station $5000 – Pro Base Package plus Web
Company Hosting Services: Not Offered
Hosting Requirements: Windows 2000 Server Static IP Internet Connection, Internet Information Server, Microsoft SQL Server 7 / 2000 / MSDE, SSL installed on IIS, Merchant Account usable by PC Charge’s IP-Charge or Authorize.Net
Website Design Services: Not Offered
Winsell Customer Websites: Roex , Northwestern Cutlery

Winsell Software Overview

Winsell Pro and Winsell Web are combined to give you a complete solution for many different retail Ecommerce businesses. Combined together Winsell Web provides Ecommerce capabilities with the Winsell Pro database. You will be able to sell your products online, perform business to business solutions, seamlessly restock your website and make it easy for your repeat customers to shop again. Winsell allows you to mix your sales channels. Retail customers will be able to shop easily on your site and wholesale customers can get their discounts automatically. You are able to use Winsell in your brick and mortar store as well as your web store and the pricing can be specific to each different store. One key feature of Winsell is you can assign a special discount for specific customers so that when they log in the discount is automatically given.
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MerchantOS POS Software Review


Company Website: MerchantOS
Product Website: MerchantOS
Price Range: Monthly – Basic $49.95, Pro $79.95, Premium $99.95
Operating Systems: Web Based, Windows, Mac, Linux

MerchantOS POS Software Overview

MerchantOS is a Web Based Point of Sale software application that is so easy to use. Whether you’re running a Windows, Mac or Linux system you can access and use the POS software from anywhere that has an internet connection. This eliminates the need for buying or upgrading expensive hardware. MerchantOS will help you improve your overall business by providing extensive inventory control, customer relations management, credit card processing and many more daily operations. Imagine eliminating the stress of backups, data loss, viruses and software updates thus leaving you more time to concentrate on the core of your business.

MerchantOS is offered in three pay as you go, no obligation monthly subscription plans. The Basic plan is perfect for a small or work at home business that uses only one register. The Professional plan is ideal for a medium size business and includes all the features of the Basic plus a few more. The Premium plan is for larger retailers that need POS software across multiple locations. MerchantOS is Free for the first 30 days and there are no contracts so you may cancel at any time. Try it for yourself by visiting their website to access the online demo.
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GK/Retail Suite POS Software Review


Company Website: Gk Software
Product Website: GK/Retail Suite
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

GK/Retail Suite Software Overview

GK/Retail Suite provides all the essential tools and processes needed to run your retail business. The software is based on Java and open standards making it easy to implement and maintain. This POS software suite offers retail store and enterprise solutions so that you can manage upfront and back end operations with one software package. GK/Retail helps customers apply new business processes fast so that they can react to changes in their situations immediately. This point of sale software meets all the requirements for any retail sector and is used at about 50,000 POS stations worldwide.
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WinPOS32 Software Review


Company Website: GPA Technology Pty. Ltd
Product Website: WinPOS32
Price Range: $45
Operating Systems: Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP

WinPOS32 Point of Sale Software Overview

The WinPOS32 is fully integrated POS software that is designed to handle rentals and sales for small and medium sized companies. Using the WinPOS32 allows business owners to manage the storage of data on your computer. Once having the Corel Paradox 10.0 version installed on you machine the WinPOS32 will operate accordingly for business needs.
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