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Retail Software Advice


Retail Software Advice

The Retail Software Advice site is a new service helping retailers selecting the right retail point-of-sale software. According to the owners of the site, they have developed a very smart matching algorithm that matches buyers with the right software, much like Google matches you with web pages relevant to your keyword searches.

To search for software, you select one of the 22 retail verticals, the size of your business —strangely enough expressed in annual revenue, which is rather insignificant for POS selection, and check some of the optional features such as Inventory Management, CRM, accounting or e-commerce.

The search results are presented in a clear table with the main characteristics for each product found. There are also two handy buttons for requesting a free demo or pricing information.

POS systems drive Apple small-business sales


The availability of Mac OS X-friendly Point of Sale solutions is giving Apple VARs a new window into small businesses. Retail and restaurant outlets looking for good-looking hardware more and more buy the Apple designed hardware, together with POS software such as XSilva Lightspeed (I will blog about this product in a separate post later). Besides the Apple hardware and the POS software, Mac resellers earn extra money with networking and typical Point of Sale devices such as barcode readers and receipt printers.

Read more at Apple VARs Cash In On Point-of-Sale Solutions


I hate my Point of Sale


This viral video was created by halo, manufacturer of a web based Point of Sale system. Though I doubt you can solve hardware related problems with a web-based solution, the video is funny enough. Besides that, they offer $10.000 for additional videos of people destroying their POS systems.

Dell installs SAP on Point-of-Sale


Dell SAP

Dell will team with SAP to offer an integrated point-of-sale (POS) store solution, enabling retailers to utilize SAP for Retail software solutions on Dell’s Retail OptiPlex 745 POS systems and Dell PowerEdge servers. The alliance, which brings together the world’s biggest business software maker and the No. 2 PC maker, promises to deliver systems that help retailers run their business more cheaply and efficiently.

Enhanced POS features — including accurate and timely customer demand data, real-time inventory visibility and integrated returns processing — combined with seamless connections into core merchandising and supply chain processes, will help enable retailers to better track purchase behaviors, identify buying trends and process customer transactions more rapidly.

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