Zebra TLP 2844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer Review


zebra-tlp_2844-zCompany: Zebra
Product: TLP 2844-Z
Price Range: $600 – $620
Where To Buy: POS Micro, The Nerds, CDW

Zebra TLP 2844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer Overview

The TLP 2844-Z thermal transfer printer is ideal for applications that require a wide label or bar code. The 4.09” print width will make long lasting prints that can withstand a variety of environmental factors. The TLP 2844-Z is a versatile bar code label printer equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor for super fast throughput when printing. Zebra bases this point of sale solution on their ZPL II language for easy label formatting and integration where full size Zebra printers are installed. The TLP 2844-Z allows for unprecedented productivity in a vast range of business industries.
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Zebra TLP 2824-Z Bar Code Label Printer Review


zebra-tlp2824zCompany: Zebra
Product: TLP 2824-Z
Price Range: $525 – $610
Where To Buy: Advanced PC, PC Connection, Cost Central

Zebra TLP 2824-Z Bar Code Printer Overview

Zebra’s TLP 2824-Z is a value packed, ultra compact bar code label printer. Printing up to 2.2” wide in both direct thermal or thermal transfer mode makes this printer well versified. The TLP 2824-Z provides powerful performance with ease and efficiency for all long term labels, bar codes or custom labels. The OpenACCESS design allows for easy media loading and monitoring. The TLP 2824-Z effortlessly integrates into many applications making it ideal for a variety of point of sale or other industries.
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Direct Thermal Printing vs. Thermal Transfer Printing


Direct thermal and Thermal transfers are two methods for printing. These methods use a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being printed, but the process is different.  This affects the longevity and durability of the printed material.

Direct thermal is the method used in the Zebra LP series of printers. This method has no ink, toner or ribbon which helps lower the costs of the printing process. Direct thermal printing uses chemically treated, heat sensitive media that blackens when passed under the thermal printhead. This may cause fading over time if the label is exposed to heat or light it will darken and make the print unreadable. Direct thermal printing should not be used for lifetime identification applications and the conditions in which the print will be in should be taken into consideration.

Thermal Transfer is the method used in the Zebra TLP, which we will be reviewing next week. This method uses a heated ribbon to produce long lasting, durable images. Thermal transfer printers accept a vast amount of different materials including paper, polypropylene and polyester. The label material must be matched with the ribbon type to ensure performance and durability. Thermal transfer is ideal for applications that need to withstand extreme temperatures, ultraviolet exposure, sterilization and chemicals.
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Zebra LP 2844 Bar Code Label Printer Review


zebra-lp_2844Company: Zebra
Product: LP 2844
Price Range: $320 – $360
Where To Buy: Newegg, POS Micro, PC Connection

Zebra LP 2844 Bar Code Label Printer Overview

The LP 2844 is a low cost, low maintenance bar code label printer manufactured by Zebra. It is easy to use allowing you to reduce training costs while improving efficiency in your desktop printing. The LP 2844 will print up to a 4” bar code and/or label making it a terrific choice for any shipping and receiving or transportation industry. It delivers optimal performance in a variety of printing applications along with multiple options for connectivity. The Zebra LP 2844 is a reliable, flexible low cost printer that is a smart investment for your point of sale needs.
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Zebra LP 2824 Bar Code Label Printer Review


zebra-lp_2824Company: Zebra
Product: LP 2824
Price Range: $230 – $300
Where To Buy: All Things POS, BarCode Discount

Zebra LP 2824 Bar Code Label Printer Overview

The LP 2824 is a value packed bar code label printer that is ideal for low to mid volume applications. This ultra compact printer is extremely durable and prints up to 2” wide. Zebra made the LP 2428 to fit in areas where other printers can’t while providing a 5” clear compartment for a media roll optimizing productivity. The LP 2824 is an affordable solution for retail point of sale, shelf labeling, product marking, inventory, asset management and many other industries.
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