Epson DM-D805 Pole Display Kit Review


epson-d805Company: Epson
Product: DM-D805 Pole Display Kit
Price Range: $120 – $190
Where To Buy: Total Barcode, PC Connection, PCCANA

Epson DM-D805 Pole Display Kit Overview

The DM-D805 is a complete, cost effective point of sale solution for customer display. It comes complete with the DM-D110 customer display head, the D-505 pole unit, all the necessary accessories/cables, and an AC power adapter. Epson includes easy to follow set up and operating instructions with every DM-D805 pole display kit making setup quick and efficient. The Dm-D805 takes up less counterspace than traditional standard stand alone base customer pole displays. This kit will deliver the performance and quality you need for an investment you can afford.
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Epson DM-D500 Customer Display Review


epson-d500Company: Epson
Product: DM-D500 Customer Display
Price Range: $250 – $330
Where To Buy: POS Micro, Cost Central, Dell

Epson DM-D500 Customer Display Overview

Epson’s DM-D500 POS is a high performance customer display that conveys a wide range of clear text and graphics. The large screen display of the DM-D500 offers a wide viewing area up to 42 columns x 8 lines high. It is capable of displaying custom fonts, graphics and Asian character sets to accompany a multitude if tasks. Epson’s Dm-D500 provides all the flexibility of other Epson pole displays including easy connectivity with any Epson point of sale printer or IR terminal.
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Epson DM-D210 Customer Display Review


epson-d210Company: Epson
Product: DM-D210 Customer Display
Price Range: $220 – $260
Where To Buy: BarCode Giant, POS Micro, POS Guys

Epson DM-D210 Customer Display Overview

The DM-D210 is a mid-sized, easy to read pole display that can freely be tilted and swiveled in a variety of viewing angles. Offering a high resolution, fluorescent display The DM-D210 also boasts high speed data transfer at a low energy consumption. The DM-D210 provides a space saving configuration will a customer display that can attach directly to an Epson printer to save counter space. It can easily connect with any Epson POS printer or IR terminals. The DM-D210 is ESC/POS and OPS compatible making it a sound solution for any point of sale operation.
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Epson DM-D110 Customer Display Review


epson-d110Company: Epson
Product: DM-D110 Customer Display
Price Range: $115 – $150
Where To Buy: POS House, Dell, POS Micro

Epson DM-D110 Customer Display Overview

Epson’s DM-D110 customer display delivers a high resolution fluorescent dot matrix characters in a wide viewing angle. The DM-D110 will easily integrate with any Epson POS thermal printer or IR terminal and connects directly to your existing host terminal for more flexibility. The compact design makes this customer pole display ideal for specialty stores, restaurants or any point of sale retail environment. The DM-D110 offers optional extendable pole units and high speed performance combined with Epson reliability.
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Epson M-VT101 POS Card Printer Review


epson-mvt101Company: Epson
Product: M-VT101 POS Card Printer
Price Range: N/A
Where To Buy: Contact Epson for Pricing

Epson M-VT101 POS Card Printer Overview

Epson’s M-VT101 thermal card printer brings a new aspect of convenience and simplicity to the POS industry. It allows for the flexible printing of loyalty cards, gift cards, ID cards, coupons and event tickets on either plastic media or thermal paper stock. The M-VT101 prints with reliability at fast speeds so your customers will not have to wait for long periods of time. The optical sensors determine the correct card positioning and printing eliminating waste and guess work. The M-VT101 is an excellent choice for printing a variety of point of sale promotion material on credit card size media.
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