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POS Software for Small RetailIt’s no secret that any small retailers lack the amount of funding that’s needed to advertise to a large audience. The internet has essentially changed that fact and our first article in the weekly roundup will prove that small business owners can reach a huge audience with a very low budget. The second feature in this weeks roundup is a press release that will prove to be very helpful in learning how to analyze your point of sale data with an easy “How To” guide. We have presented you with many articles on NFC mobile POS payments and this week is no exception. Our third article gives a good insight into NFC payments with a small retailer example. The last two articles in this weeks roundup are press releases about point of sale software companies teaming up with other industry companies to provide you with a better experience using your POS software. So if you’re a Retail Pro or Cam Commerce customer you will want to read on to learn the new features available for your small retail establishment.

1. The Future of Advertising – This may be no big surprise to some of you but YouTube could be providing you with long advertisements for your business at the cost of making a simple video. This article shows in reality the true power of a viral video and it works for large and small retailers alike. This is the future of advertising and it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon and put your small business in the spotlight.

2. Accelerated Analytics Announces the Availability of “How To Guides” for POS Data Analysis Best Practices – What good is all the point of sale data you collect if you don’t know how to analyze it the correct way. Well now there’s a solution. Accelerated Analytics provides detailed “How To” guides on how to read and understand the various POS data from your reports.

3. NFC vs. Not-NFC, or “Why Put Card Data on the Phone?” A look at Mocapay – Although NFC has not yet been widely accepted in the U.S. the time is approaching quickly that it will. The author of this article goes into some of the reasons that NFC hasn’t caught on in the U.S. and showcases a company that is using it successfully.

4. Retail Pro & Mercury Payment Systems Announce Integration – Retail Pro point of sale software customers now have a new choice when it comes to processing payments. The company has teamed up with Mercury Payment Systems to provide a new solution that delivers high speed payment processing seamlessly for users in the U.S. and Canada.

5. CAM Commerce Solutions Joins HP Elite Partner Program – Cam Commerce announced that Retail Star and Retail Ice have been validated on HP point of sale systems. This assures that the POS software will run flawlessly on HP POS systems. The goal of Cam Commerce is to simplify the deploying of POS systems for their small retail business owners.

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Restaurant POSWe start the roundup this week with a very simple but informative article that lays out a few questions small retailers need to ask when deciding on a POS for their restaurant. The second feature in the roundup is again a short article but I considered it important since it could save many small business owners money on credit card processing fees. Then we focus on an exciting upcoming event at the digital signage expo which is being considered the future of advertising. The fourth article this week is closest to my heart. It shows that local small retailers can still win the battle over online stores by providing physical products. The last article was chosen for the roundup due to the unusual perspective of customer feedback that caught my attention immediately. After reading the article it makes sense what the author is saying so it’s important for you to acknowledge.

1. Questions You Might Want To Ask A Restaurant POS Professional – This article lays out seven questions you need to consider when purchasing a point of sale system for your restaurant. It’s very informative giving you a list of available options that you might not have thought of or planned for. One of the questions list three available forms of POS computer you could use for your business.

2. New Credit Card Processing Systems Help Small Businesses Save Money – Leap Payments is a new credit card processing application designed to help save small retailers a few dollars. They actually offer their service at the same rate as large volume businesses. Leap Payments also promises simple account management and next day funding.

3. Digital Signage Content Strategies Book Launches at Digital Signage Expo – Digital signage seems to be the way future advertising is heading and this expo is here to prove it. Leading industry expert and speaker, Kelsen will be signing copies of his new book Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage. The book helps understand the benefits of three digital signage networks including point of sale (POS).

4. Study: Consumers desire better ‘touch and feel’ shopping experience – The word is out and customers still prefer shopping for a good old fashion physical product. This survey covered more than 3,000 people representing 18 countries. It shows that 75% of consumers want to so into a retail store when buying products. The article goes on to reveal more stats about what customers prefer when visiting a small retail business.

5. Over-reliance on customer feedback is hurting local retailers – The headline immediately drew my attention and after reading the article I could relate to the authors perspective. Simply put, if you’re a small business owner that thinks they have a great relationship with their customers, you might want to think again and read this perspective of what could be happening to your future relationships.

CasherLive POS Software Review


Company Website: CashierLive
Product Website: CashierLive
Price Range: $49-$125/month per store
Operating Systems: Web Based

CasherLive Point of Sale Software Overview

CasherLive is a new web based POS that has much to offer to any retail merchant. It’s easy to use interface offers a great way to conduct transcations and manage inventory directly online. CasherLive comes with reporting tools, support for multiple locations, training and support offered in a three tier pricing plan. They have a Basic 30 day free plan that allows you to try the software in one store on up to 3 registers with a 20,000 item inventory. Once the 30 days is up you can choose to upgrade to the Plus plan that gives you one store unlimited registers and many other features for $49 a month. If you are the owner of a chain reatil establishment youcan choose the Chain plan for $125 a month which gives you multiple stores with unlimted registers and 1,000,000 item inventory.

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