SELLmatix POS Software Review


Company Website: Himatix
Product Website: SELLmatix POS
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 or Higher

SELLmatix POS Software Overview

SELLmatix POS will replace your registers with retail accounting software on a standard Windows based PC. It is designed to work with a wide range of POS hardware including touch screens, barcode scanners and electronic scales. SELLmatix POS features advanced import/export manipulation to use in standard spreadsheets for flexible reporting options. It is suitable for a wide range of retail sales, everything is available online, and the software has fail safe POS software design.
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POSIC Software Review


Company Website: GrenSoft
Product Website: POSIC
Price Range: Site License – $195
Operating Systems: Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista

POSIC Software Overview

POSIC provides the tools for point of sale and inventory control on a Windows based PC. It is so easy to use that employees will require very little training. Advanced options of POSIC will allow you to receive payments in up to 8 currencies making it ideal for tourist or souvenir shops. POSIC is network ready and there is no additional charge to run it on multiple workstations. This software has many password functions allowing full security of all your business data. Managing and printing barcode for inventory is a simple process and the reporting feature will help you recognize what is making your business work.
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Golden Sales Point of Sale Software Review


Company Website: Golden Creations
Product Website: Golden Sales Point of Sale
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Not Available

Golden Sales Point of Sale Software Overview

Golden Sales is designed for small to medium businesses that require a simple but powerful POS tool. You can easily train staff that are not computer literate. This software will help you take control of your inventory while allowing you to quickly complete sales transactions. Golden Sales can take the retailer and wholesaler into the electronic age with this cost effective solution. The software has add on modules that can provide you with scale tools, size and color options, restaurant tools and a loyalty card option.
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RayMedi RPOS 7.0 Software Review


Company Website: Go Frugal Technologies
Product Website: RayMedi RPOS 7.0
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows XP SP 2 or higher

RayMedi RPOS 7.0 Software Overview

RayMedi RPOS is a complete management solution to help with your business needs. The easy to use intuitive GUI makes it easy to train your sales professionals to accurately complete a smooth sales transaction. The comprehensive RayMedi RPOS 7.0 includes flexible POS billing, inventory management, accounts, customer management, promotions, scheme management and customized reporting features.
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FernPOS Software Review


Fern POS Company Website: Fern Digital
Product Website: FernPOS
Price Range: Single $2500 – Additional $2000
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

FernPOS Software Overview

FernPOS gives you the traditional POS features combined with instant performance control from anywhere you have internet access. Our online portal will allow you to track and manage your current store operations without actually being at the store. FernPOS has the most flexible product and stock management interface available in POS software. The ecommerce tool can enable you to setup online sales quickly and easily.
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