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POS and Small Retailer NewsThis edition of the roundup focuses completely on the small retailer with advice, tips and suggestions for keeping you’re business on top of the competition. We start this week with wireless retail trends, an informative article of why and how wireless is affecting the small retail industry. Our next feature in the roundup is a concept that many store owners have not yet grasped, the after-sale. Then we go into a very interesting and visual post about Google rules for retailers with industry examples (grab your pen and paper for this one). The fourth article in this weeks roundup focuses on a website that is helping small businesses survive by letting them post their products on the web. The last feature in this weeks roundup talks about Foursquare and the impact it could be having on your brick and mortar business.

1. Reality Check: Retail wireless trends – Marcelo Claure, Chairman, President and CEO, Brightstar Corp. gives some great insight on how evolution in wireless technology has changed the way consumers make buying decisions. The article touches on the consumer experience, the muti-channel market, as well as store design and merchandising.

2. Dirks on Strategy: Never say goodbye to a customer – This great article focuses on what to do AFTER you sell a product or service to a customer. Let’s just say it doesn’t end with the sale. If small retailers pay attention to the needs and wants of the customer while following through after the sale, profits as well as customer retention will improve.

3. Google Rules for Retail – These rules were taken out of the book What Would Google Do by Jeff Davis. The rules make sense and put attention on the consumer. The article is graphically easy on the eyes and outlines the rule, industry examples and what retailers should take form the information and implement on their own.

4. Etsy, Craft Sites Help Small Businesses Survive – Many small specialty retailers have had no choice but to close their storefront shops due to rising costs and a troubled economy. Websites such as Etsy, ArtFire and the Handmade Market have given these small retailers a different option to continue to sell their product without the frustration and overhead cost of a business website. They offer a “space” on the web for small retail business to sell their products with a nominal commission fee.

5. Foursquare: Are You Checking Out the Hottest Social Media App? – We’ve mentioned Foursquare before on the weekly roundup but this article is much easier to understand for retailers that are not familiar with the service. This website is simply a geo-location app that allows users to find and interact with their local retailers. If you’re not listed there yet, you could be missing out on many potential customers.

Mobile Point of Sale Accessories


Mobile POS AccessoriesThis week we’ve split the roundup into two separate posts because the emerging mobile sector of POS is quickly approaching. With summertime upon us small retailers need to consider some type of mobile solution for using their point of sale or collecting important customer information. Whether it be a small farmers market, a local community event or a simple sidewalk sale outside your establishment, mobile point of sale solutions are critical in gaining customer confidence.

Most small retailers immediately think of the iPhone or iPad when mobile POS is mentioned. This can stop some brick and mortar companies in their tracks because they associate those products with high cost solutions. The fact of the matter is there are many products available on the market that can slowly ease a small business into the mobile market.

This week I ran across two low cost solutions that small retail businesses could easily start using to show their customers they are moving ahead with the times and using some new mobile solutions at the point of sale.

Mobilescape Launches InstallmentPay, Enabling Mobile Merchants to Schedule Future Payments at Point of Sale – The market’s leading mobile solution for credit cards sales has announced a new feature that many small retailers selling large ticket item will cherish. The software now features the ability for the merchant to schedule up to three easy payment installments to pay for merchandise. This helps alleviate the financial strain on the customer while retaining sales for the retailer.

Mobilescape offers the following solutions for small retailers.

  • Flexible amount and dates.
  • AVS (Address Verification System) entry.
  • Expired card detection.
  • Online scheduled transaction details.
  • Online transaction resubmits.

A simple, push button solution for all your marketing and customer data collection needs, period – Sterizon offers brick and mortar retailers a way to collect customer opt-in information and feedback with a small, simple mobile device. You can effectively collect a variety of information from any location within or outside your storefront.

I read about this great service on Twitter and was skeptical UNTIL I reached the website. I have to say that small retail businesses could benefit from this entirely while increasing customer service. Sterizon offers a way for retailers to build Birthday Clubs, E-Clubs, Email Lists, Mailing Lists, Rewards Clubs, Twitter Followers, and Guest Surveys etc.

The handheld device used costs approximately $150 and each club has a subscription price to enable easy delivery of custom messages.

Salon POS Debut, Automated Point of Sale, Small Retailer Business Directory, Small Business Promotion, Small Retail Advice


POS and Small Retail NewsOur first featured article in the roundup this week is the debut of a new and innovative all in one point of sale for salons/spas. Our second article focuses on an automated POS program that helped make a public school cafeteria more efficient benefiting everyone involved. As we move onto our third feature this week, it’s a little different. The website was actually discovered while reading another article about but the unveiling of this important tool was enough for us to feature even if it didn’t make the small retail news for the week. The fourth article in the roundup is a quick tip on a great promotional method you should be using for your small retail establishment. We saved the best for last this week, the fifth article is advice on how a failing small retail business can bring itself back to the top. The author even includes a bonus video that details the article.

1. New Salon Touch Point-Of-Sale Solution Makes A Splash at American Beauty Show – The introduction of InfoTouch’s new Salon Touch POS made a great impression among business owners. The company listened to what spa and salon owners needed in a point of sale system and they came up with a low cost, feature rich solution.

“Most owners were shocked that we could offer them a complete all-in-one solution to manage their salon or spa for less than $3 a day,”

Read our Salon Touch POS Software Review

2. Automated Point-of-sale Program Boosts Efficiency in Summit Schools Cafeterias – An exceptional story on how an automated POS program can increase efficiency. The Summit Public School System is a prime example of how a cafeteria should operate. Student use their ID which is pre-loaded with money by parents using their home computer. The students simply swipe their card at the point of sale, enter their PIN and the cafeteria worker can see the balance of their account.

3. Krillion Network Connects Customers with Local Small Retailers – This company didn’t make retail news this week but it was mentioned in an article about now accepting small retailers. The Krillion network launched this week with 100 small retailers and they offer the service of showcasing your business to customers searching for products. This is a great way to get your company recognized by local customers using their home PCs to compare prices and products.

4. Is Promotional Items Effective in Bringing more Customers to Your Business? – Some excellent advice about using promotional items with your small business name to real in new customers and retain existing ones. The article tells you what works best and why plus gives you a link to make your purchase and start promoting.

5. 12 Ways to Save a Doomed Small Business – I was quite impressed when reading this article posted at Service with a Purpose. The author gives an example of a failing liquor store and what the owner could do to improve his small business to keep it alive. Grab your notepad and jot down some ideas while you read about twelve things that could keep your small retail establishment above water.

Salon Touch POS Software Review


Salon Touch POS Software ReviewCompany Website: Salon Touch POS
Product Website: Salon Touch All-in-One POS
Price Range: $77-$89/month for three years
Operating Systems: Pre-Loaded, All-in-One POS Hardware/Software Package

Salon Touch POS Software Overview

Salon Touch POS is a complete all in one package for salons and spas. The robust software combined with the innovative touch screen hardware makes this an efficient low cost solution for any small business owner in the beauty industry. The hardware resists damage from common salon products that can be hazardous and comes complete with a cash drawer, receipt printer, mouse, credit card reader, extra keyboard and all the cables for easy connection. The Salon Touch POS offers two low cost solutions that can either be leased or a rent to own plan. You pay $89 a month for three years and you own this excellent all in one salon point of sale system free and clear.

Read More…

POS Thermal Printers, Mobile Coupon Solution, Small Retail Branding Tips, American Made Small Business Success


POS and Small Retail NewsThe first two features in this weeks roundup are announcements from two major point of sale hardware brands introducing their POS thermal printers. We are featuring both announcements due to the wide range of differences, one caters to high-volume point of sale applications and one is a new low cost solution. The third article this week is an interesting concept on how to deal with the popularity of mobile coupons without having to spend a fortune to upgrade your current POS system. Small retail branding is an important part of building customer relationships and it’s essential to competing with large retail establishments. Our fourth feature this week is a short article giving retailers a few tips on what not to do while building your brand. We saved the best for last…featuring a truly inspiring story of a brick and mortar small retailer that’s promoting American Made products.

1. Epson Announces Low-Cost Thermal Pos Printer – Epsom a trusted brand in electronics has announced the introduction of their low cost thermal point of sale printer. In today’s economy, low cost with quality is the key to a customers heart even a business customer. Epson boats

“ReadyPrint offers an ideal low-volume, cost-effective solution along with fast and easy integration and software included to speed application programming.”

2. Thermal Receipt Printer suits high-volume POS applications – Created for the hospitality and retail industry the RP-B10 direct thermal printer delivers exceptional performance for high volume POS applications. This effective point of sale hardware solution is manufactured by Seiko Industries, a globally recognized leader in thermal printing technology.

3. Cards Touted for Redeeming Mobile Coupons – If you’re a small retailer that did not see mobile coupons in your near future, read on. One idea being considered is for mobile coupons to be loaded onto one card that the customer uses at the point of sale to redeem their offer. This eliminates the need to upgrade POS systems and barcode scanners in order to accept mobile coupons.

4. What Does Your Brand Stand For? – When competing with big box retailers this is a question you should be asking yourself every day. What your small retail brand stands for influences numerous decisions a customer might make about your business. The authors goes into a few tips and steers you clear what what you shouldn’t be doing when trying to establish your brand.

5. ‘American-made’ is about quality, not cost – This article is about a small business owner that is a true patron of the United States. He has opened a store that sells only American Made products, right down to the items that are displayed throughout the store, everything is made in America. The prices may be a bit higher than the local WalMart but the words “Made in America” say it all.

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