MPOS Software Review


Company Website: MPOS Management Software
Product Website: MPOS
Price Range: Single Store $389 – Multi-Store $789
Operating Systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

MPOS Software Overview

MPOS is the solution to retail management problems. It is designed specifically to work as a stand alone POS package or integrated into a popular accounting package. MPOS provides small retailers with the needed tools to track inventory levels, track sales, daily cash and profits. You can do the back office work at home or from a remote office and transfer the data to the POS using the internet. This is a safe and convenient way to keep your business running smoothly.
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Fusion Software Retail POS Software Review


Company Website: Mik & Associates
Product Website: Fusion Software Retail
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Not Available

Fusion Software Retail POS Software Overview

Fusion Retail Solution will give your employees a fast easy to use solution to help your customers shopping experience. The powerful integration to your accounting software allows you to create new accounting customers and take account payments at the register. The customized reporting will give you insight to customer purchasing habits and run campaign advertising more effectively. Fusion Retail Solution will increase your profitability and give you the control to run your retail business more effectively.
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Platinum Retail POS Software Review


Company Website: Micro Technology International
Product Website: Platinum Retail
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

Platinum Retail POS Software Overview

Platinum Retail helps streamline your cashier operations ensuring that your customers will get through the line in minimal time. As sales are made your inventory levels and sales history is updated in real time so that your reports are always accurate. You can track inventory, employees, sales and customers effectively. Platinum Retail incorporates a built in training mode so that new employees can learn without effecting normal operations.
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Micro Register Pro POS Software Review


Company Website: Micro Register
Product Website: Micro Register Pro
Price Range: Single $279 – Multi $395
Operating Systems: Windows XP or Vista

Micro Register Pro POS Software Overview

Micro Register Pro is a cost effective solution for running your retail business. The software is has a complete point of sale module combined with inventory control and accounting. There is a salesperson file that will track commissions, customer history and invoice history allowing for you to see exactly where the money is going. Customizable reports are available at the days end with printable purchase orders.
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WinSale POS Software Review


Company Website: Magnum Software
Product Website: WinSale POS
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP or Vista

WinSale POS Software Overview

WinSale provides a easy to learn complete POS software solution. It enables you to efficiently run your business with full Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Inventory Control, Open to Buy and General Ledger Modules. WinSale also includes a unique sale marketing tool that will let you target customer preferences via their sales history. With this information you can then send an email or print a flyer for regular U.S. Mail providing customized sale products.
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