POSExpress Software Review



Company Website: POSProphet
Product Website: POSExpress
Price Range: QSR solutions starting at $75/month, Retail Solutions starting at $125/month, Multi-Site Enterprise solutions starting at $250/month
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

POSExpress Software Overview

POS Express is used by over 850 retailers worldwide and is a cutting edge point of sale software solution. The 15 years experience of POS Prophet Systems delivers technology solutions such sales, inventory, customer management, reporting and security. The quick and flexible customer lookup can help you provide better customer service increasing repeat business. Cater to your customers with a loyalty program or a charge account that can all be done with POS Express.
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PixelPoint POS Software Review


Company Website: PAR PixelPoint
Product Website: PixelPoint POS
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Pro,Server,Terminal Services, 2003 Server, XP

PixelPoint POS Software Overview

PixelPoint is a reliable, flexible point of sale application with back office and enterprise architecture that ensures your business runs smoothly. Since 1992 PixelPoint has been committed to providing an easy to use POS system for table service and counter service restaurants. PixelPoint can deliver a solution regardless of your specific type of restaurant. The software can be configured to suit the needs of a fine dining establishment or a quick service chain.
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POSpro Software Review


Company Website: Pangaea
Product Website: POSpro
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 or Greater

POSpro Software Overview

POSpro contains powerful tools to maintain a competitive edge in your retail environment. It can help you make merchandising decisions by collecting, organizing and analyzing data. This user friendly interface is versatile enough to handle the demands of a fast paced retail environment. Multiple checkout windows can be run at the same time and returns can be done in the same windows as sales. POSpro will get your customers through the line quickly enabling you to serve them better. This application can be run in a single store or multi store location on a Windows based computer.
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Openbravo POS Software Review


Company Website: Openbravo
Product Website: Openbravo POS
Price Range: Free Open Source
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, Suse, Red Hat, CentOS), Mac OSX

Openbravo POS Software Overview

Openbravo POS is the leading open source POS with robust capabilities. With Openbravo Pos you can track sales, refunds, get daily reports, manage cash and warehousing. This will help you assist your customers better and get a detailed look at your business with up to date information. Openbravo POS is a multi platform application that can be run on any standard personal computer. Designed specifically for touch screens the software works great in any retail business including grocery stores and department stores.
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The Retail Solution POS Software Review


Company Website: Northwest Network Solutions
Product Website: The Retail Solution
Price Range: Standard Single User $549 – Deluxe Single User $999
Operating Systems: Windows ME or later

The Retail Solution POS Software Overview

The Retail Solution is your answer to turning your computer into a powerful and quick cash register. This feature packed software combines point of sale, inventory, and accounting tools you need to run a sound business. The Retail Solution software gives you the ability to track your employees and customers always keeping you informed. Adding the optional Web Store and Multi Site options can bring you more profits and other essential tools.
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