Compass Point of Sale Software Review


Company Website: Real Time 7
Product Website: Compass Point of Sale
Price Range: $99.95/Month per Store
Operating Systems: Windows XP

Compass Point of Sale Software Overview

Compass is a high performance retail system that delivers reliability, information consistency, and pro active decision support in daily operations. Compass integrates credit card processing, gift cards, web store and many more features to enable you to run a complete retail shop. For larger chains Compass has advanced features such as multi-store distribution and intelligent reporting. This helps reduce the cost of overall operations.
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Xpert Store Point of Sale Software Review


Company Website: Raymark
Product Website: Xpert Store
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

Xpert Store Point of Sale Software Overview

Xpert Series is offered in an integrated suite or as individual components to complete a best of breed retail solution. The complete package comes with Merchandising & CRM, Point of Sale, Mobile Store, Reporting, Inventory Replenishment, Analysis, Data Monitoring and System Interfacing. If you are looking for the individual Xpert Store POS it is easy to use and fully customizable to your needs. Xpert Store is designed to increase productivity to improve customer satisfaction. You have the ability to access up to date inventory and react instantly to any change.
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Retail Sales Manager POS Software Review


Company Website: Professional Consultants LLC
Product Website: Retail Sales Manager
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP

Retail Sales Manager POS Software Overview

Written for the Windows Operating System, Retail Sales Manager is your complete point of sale software. This software is perfect for all retail stores including liquor stores, golf courses and grocery stores. The application fully supports Windows ODBC drivers and communicates with Microsoft Office Products. The Retail Sales Manager can also integrate with many popular accounting packages. A complete solution for employee management, inventory control, and speedy checkouts.
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The Retailer POS Software Review


Company Website: POS Solutions LLC
Product Website: The Retailer
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Not Available

The Retailer POS Software Overview

The Retailer point of sale software gives you the ability to offer your customers special programs and discounts. You will have the ability to control your inventory, automate your purchasing and process credit cards. The Retailer is proven to be reliable, and cost effective with thousands of businesses worldwide already using it. Having your registers perform quick and accurate transactions will improve your overall bottom line profits.
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Checkout Professional POS Software Review


Company Website: Provaya
Product Website: Checkout Professional
Price Range: $395
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 or Greater

Checkout Professional POS Software Overview

Checkout Professional will guide you in making informed decisions about your retail store. This full featured software is a cash register with inventory control and a complete retail management system. It is easy to use reducing overall training time of new employees. Checkout Professional uses an intuitive back office application that will provide you with detailed, customized reports in a areas of your business.
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