The Retail Mastery System


It’s a fact that over 90% of small businesses fail due to lack of knowledge or skill to run their businesses effectively. The Retail Mastery System provides you with the information you need to make your business successful. The system was developed by Bob and Susan Negen, which have over 35 years combined retail experience. The information, contained in 11 separate units will give you tools and tactics for sales, staffing, financial, inventory and much more. View great videos by Bob and learn more about the great benefits by clicking here to visit the website.
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Restaurant Advisor John Foley Providing Tips on Point of Sale Software


John talks about major features of a good restaurant POS that will help run your business more efficiently. Three point of sale software programs are recommended that come in a variety of stages so that you don’t have a large out of the pocket expense purchasing all the software at once. John then touches on one main key feature that any point of sale software should have.

Why a Point of Sale System Makes Sense

Retail Pro 9 POS with Integrated Core Retailing Functions


Retail Pro 9 is a simple, adaptable retail point of sale package that helps streamline all avenues of your store operations. Inventory control, planning/analysis and purchasing/receiving, will be at your fingertips enabling you to make better business decisions. Whether you’re a small retail shop or a major corporation you will benefit from this comprehensive POS suite. Retail Pro 9 is programmed to operate in over 15 languages with multi currency and local tax information, making it simple to run an operation anywhere in the world. With over 20 years of experience Retail Pro will put you ahead of the competition and give you the cutting edge.

Retail Pro 9 Point Of Sale System

IPOS RS Software Review


Company Website: IPOS
Product Website: IPOS RS
Price Range:Not Available
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

IPOS RS Software Overview

IPOS RS software is designed specifically for newsagents, convenience stores and forecourts. The IPOS will provide you the tools necessary to run your business properly with it’s unlimited tailored touchscreen and real time information. This software is Windows based with a secure SQL database that is extremely reliable. You will be able to easily update the software over the internet with little maintenance. IPOS give you full stock control as well as easy electronic ordering. The software fully integrates with the Tysso PosStation 5700 touchscreen terminal.
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Tysso PosStation 5700 POS Hardware Review


Company Website: iPOS
Product Website: Tysso PosStation 5700
Price Range: Not Available
Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Tysso PosStation 5700 Overview

Tysso PosStation 5700 is designed to work seamlessly with the IPOS RS software. The unique design helps reduce noise and heat dissipation making maintenance easy. The fully integrated touchscreen provides countless features and high performance. You can easily integrate a vast amount of retail devices including barcode scanners, receipt printers, and card readers. Tysso PosStation 5700 is a stable, durable, low cost option for point of sale hardware.
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