Star TSP700II POS Receipt Printer Review


star-tsp700iiCompany: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP700II
Price Range: $280 – $600
Where To Buy: POS World, All Things POS, IEPOS

Star TSP700II Receipt Printer Overview

Star Micronics TSP700II printer boasts the amazing printing speed of 48 receipts per minute. If you are looking for a great addition to your POS Software and would like to get your customers through the line fast than you need to consider this great point of sale receipt printer. The TSP700II has sharp graphics for great company logos or coupons to be printed directly on the receipt. This is a new design by Star Micronics that helps keep dust and other harmful elements out extending the life of the TSP 700II. This printer is ideal for high volume retail businesses and offers the best warranty in the point of sale hardware industry.
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Star TSP100 All-In-One Receipt Printer Review



Company: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP100
Price Range: $200 – $300
Where To Buy: POS World, All Things POS, IEPOS

Star TSP100 All-In-One Receipt Printer Overview

The Star TSP100 is an affordable, easy way to get your business started in the right direction. This is the first all-in-one receipt printer on the market that you can take out of the box and use immediately. The Star TSP100 also includes a full set of software utilities that you can use to redesign the receipt by adding your own logo or coupons without modifying the existing application. Star Micronics has fully tested the TSP100 with 36 current POS software applications for full compatibility, including many we have reviewed on this site. . This point of sale receipt printer is fast, easy to set up, and has incredible features for a reasonable price.
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Gift Shop POS


Do you own a retail gift shop and would like to see an increase in sales and valuable time? You should consider using point of sale gift shop software. The right POS software can increase your sales on average of 15% while saving you up to five hours a day.

Advantages of a point of sale system for your gift shop.

  • You will be able to control all inventory in real-time and keep hot selling items readily available.
  • Track customers – helps you send out promotional coupons or discounts to bring customers back.
  • Save time and reduce errors by entering the price of the item directly into the POS.
  • Never have a pricing discrepancy
  • Fast checkout lines
  • See if you have an item in stock or do a special order right at the register.

Take time to consider the right Gift Shop Point of Sale Software. Find one that is affordable, easy to use and has readily available technical support. There are many options when choosing a POS. You could host your own software and database or find a web based company that handles all that for you.

Read the article below for more information on Gift Shop Point of Sale.

Show Me the Money! Saying Yes to POS

Open To Buy


Open to Buy is essentially a financial budget for retail merchandise. Used correctly and diligently this will greatly improve the financial performance of your retail operation. Open to Buy involves a planning process that is future orientated, provides you assistance on how much merchandise to buy, and provides benchmarks for evaluating and adjusting future plans. The business goal is to stock the right amount of products at the right time, thus reducing markdowns and maximizing profits. Fashion and seasonal merchandise benefit from this plan more than everyday stock. The reason being, is change, you need the right tools to forecast the appropriate and specific type of merchandise that will sell.
Taking the time to form a realistic plan will give you the numbers you need to maintain the correct amount of inventory and improve your overall purchasing power.

Open to Buy is available in many retail software packages as an add-on module. Only a few software companies contain it in their core package, but with the right knowledge and a little research you can set up your own Open to Buy plan in a simple spreadsheet.

To learn more about Open to Buy here are two informative articles that give useful examples to better understand the full range of planning.

Retailing: What is an Open to Buy

Open to Buy Planning: Controlling Your Inventory

WhizBang Training


WhizBang Training is an excellent resource for building rock solid strategies that will bring your business to the top. Here you will find proven tips that help you in areas of websites, marketing, staff development, sales, customer service, store operations and inventory management. WhizBang also provides free reports that pertain to retail businesses, retailer resources, technology tools and a weekly newsletter that offers success tips. Have you ever wondered how to keep your staff from calling into work or how to make that great first impression to a customer? Visit WhizBang Training and find the answers to these questions and many more.

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