Star TSP828 Label Printer Review


startsp828Company: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP828
Price Range: $360 – $690
Where To Buy: BarCode Giant, Printer Savings, POS Savings

Star TSP828 Label Receipt Printer Overview

The TSP828 is a high speed, superior quality thermal label printer. The small design coupled with the various label formats and widths makes it perfect for any retail industry. Star Micronics created the TSP828 with a built in peeler and rear exit liner to get you through those print job in a flash with no waste hassles. The TSP828 has a sensor that recognizes when your label is still in the dispenser so that you can auto peel your labels with overlapping. With easy loading labels and multiple paper widths the TSP828 works brilliantly for shipping and receiving, healthcare or any retail industry.
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Star TSP800Rx Prescription Printer Review


star-tsp800rxCompany: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP800Rx
Price Range: $500 – $600
Where To Buy: Provantage, POSPaper, Keenzo

Star TSP800Rx Prescription Printer Overview

Star Micronics TSP800Rx is a secure printer that enables doctors to print thermal prescriptions at fast speeds. This specialized printer utilizes the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software combined with secure thermal paper eliminated illegible handwriting errors. The TSP800Rx loads easily with a drop in paper roll so there is no need for messy ribbons and you will know the prescription is correct. Star Micronics has automated the process for physicians and hospitals to quickly and securely print any prescription needed. The TSP800Rx saves space and only prints what you need saving money in printing supplies.
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Star TSP800 Receipt Printer Review


star-tsp800Company: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP800
Price Range: $400 – $700
Where To Buy: POS World, All Things POS, IEPOS

Star TSP800 Receipt Printer Overview

The TSP800 is an innovative wide format point of sale receipt printer with incredible speed. Star Micronics has gone above and beyond the fold offering a POS printer that will handle compact web printing and mobile transportation printing while still providing professional high quality receipts. This is the only receipt printer on the market that allows printing on 3” to 4.4” paper at a speed of 50LPS (150mm/sec.). The TSP800 is a wonderful solution for establishments that need to print a large amount of information on their point of sale receipts.
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Star TSP650 Receipt Printer Review


star-tsp650Company: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP650
Price Range: $200 – $400
Where To Buy: POS World, All Things POS, IEPOS

Star TSP650 Receipt Printer Overview

The TSP650 is an ideal point of sale receipt printer for hospitality or retail establishments. Star Micronics has designed the TSP650 to work with legacy products and still meet the demands of connection speeds. It can be easily configured and features swappable interface options including Ethernet and USB. The reliability and ability to design your own receipts will make the TSP650 a perfect addition to any POS system. Star Micronics TSP650 is a low cost, high performance POS receipt printer that will work effectively in any establishment.
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Star TSP100GT Receipt Printer Review


star-tsp100gtCompany: Star Micronics
Product: Star TSP100GT
Price Range: $250 – $270
Where To Buy: POS World, All Things POS, IEPOS

Star TSP700II Receipt Printer Overview

Star Micronics TSP100GT has all the exciting features of the TSP100 All-In-One combined the speed of the TSP700II. This point of sale receipt printer includes everything you need to start printing directly out of the box with a remarkable printing speed of 45 RPM. The TSP100GT is the future of POS printing allowing you to design professional graphics to enhance all your receipts. The printer is very easy to setup with its plug and play technology and drop in and print paper loading. Star Micronics has made the TSP100GT the best buy for a fast, efficient, professional point of sale receipt printer.
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