CPOnline Integrated Ecommerce Module for POS Software Review


radiant-logoCompany Website: Radiant Systems
Product Website: CPOnline
Operating Systems: Windows 95- XP
Company Hosting Services: Company Hosted
Additional Required Software: CounterPoint V7, CounterPoint SQL, Internet Explorer V5 or higher
Cost of Setup: $300 – $625
Monthly Fee: $100 – $700 *depending on sale totals
Software Starting Price: Not Available
Website Design Services: Yes, pricing starts at $150/hr
CPOnline Customer Websites: Alex Fernandez’s Strike Zone , Audubon Plumbing Supply , Biltmore Company , Claro’s Italian Market

CPOnline Software Overview

CPOnline combined with Radiant Software’s CounterPoint POS software is an effective way to run an ecommerce website. It easily integrates into your existing CounterPoint inventory and you do not need to know how to create a website. CPOnline allows you to simply select items for your store, upload them and import your orders from CPOnline into CounterPoint. Your website will be hosted on CPOnline web servers and offers a catalog only option to showcase your product line. There are options available for domain registration, web site design, SSL certificates and much more. CPOnline is a completely integrated solution for Business to Consumer or Business to Business in both the retail and wholesale industries.
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ELO 1715L 17″ POS Touchmonitor Review


elo1715l_1_pCompany: ELO TouchSystems
Product: 1715L 17″ LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Price Range: $575 – $640
Where To Buy: CDW, Keenzo, POS Guys

ELO 1715L 17″ POS Touchmonitor Overview

ELO’s 1715L desktop touchmonitor packs the traditional reliability and quality of all ELO touchscreens. This 17” POS touchmonitor is designed to provide cost effective solutions for systems integrators and VARs. The 1715L is available with IntelliTouch Surface Wave Technology, AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Technology or Acoustic Pulse Recognition Technology that will benefit any point of sale business. ELO includes the option for stable tabletop security or VESA mounting options making it easy to install in any location.
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ELO 1529L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Review


elo1529lCompany: ELO TouchSystems
Product: 1529L Multifunction 15″ LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Price Range: $580 – $640
Where To Buy: POS Guys, Nothing But Software., PC Universe

ELO 1529L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Overview

The 1529L touchscreen monitor is one of the elite products offered by ELO. The 1529L is now available with new breakthrough Acoustic Pulse Recognition Technology. This model includes many options including biometric fingerprint reader, magnetic stripe reader, a vacuum fluorescent rear facing customer display and a single line or omni directional barcode scanner. The 1529L is packed full of rich features while maintaining durability making it a great choice for any point of sale industry.
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ELO 1528L Medical 15″ Touchmonitor Review


elo-1528lCompany: ELO TouchSystems
Product: 1528L Medical 15″ LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Price Range: $655 – $740
Where To Buy: POS House, Gemini Computers, My POS Terminal

ELO 1528L Medical 15″ Touchmonitor Overview

ELO’s 1528L 15” LCD touchmonitor is designed perfectly for the medical field. The 1528L has integrated solutions for medical equipment OEMs and health care integrators. ELO offers a durable, cost effective solution that can be safely placed in patient care areas. The 1528L is available with Accutouch the most widely used technology in the medical field allowing touch screen action with a gloved hand. The 1528L also carries US, Canadian and EU medical certifications.
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ELO 1522L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Review


elo1522l_1_pCompany: ELO TouchSystems
Product: 1522L Multifunction 15″ LCD Desktop Touchmonitor
Price Range: $480 – $585
Where To Buy: POS World, NetSys POS, My POS Terminal

ELO 1522L Multifunction 15″ POS Touchmonitor Overview

The 1522L desktop touchmonitor designed by ELO is perfect for any POS application. The sleek design combine with hidden cable management make this a cost effective, space saving investment. The 1522L offers the option for a 3 track magnetic stripe reader that is easily installed by the end user providing an even more sleek design. ELO offers a choice of touch technologies with the 1522L including IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, AccuTouch five-wire resistive, CarrollTouch Infrared, Surface Capacitive, and Acoustic Pulse Recognition.
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