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3d human pick up a percentResearching articles for this weeks roundup proved extremely interesting. Learning about Go-Tags and the technology that comes along with it was amazing. The techniques outlined in the article about competing with the big box should be printed an hung on the wall of every small retailer, its great stuff! I also learned of a new concept for increasing revenue that I would have never thought of before. Enjoy this weeks retail and point of sale roundup.

1. Which Comes First, Stickers or The Phones? – “Go-Tags” is an interesting concept from First Data Corp. that will be available at some retail chains around the country. A Go-Tag is a contactless sticker that can be attached to mobile handsets for use at a point of sale. First Data Corp. has already made a deal with Visa to expand merchant acceptance in order to peak consumer interest.

CEO of product innovation Barry McCarthy hopes the demand will spur network operators and handset manufacturers to integrate the feature into future phones.

“We think we can kick-start this market.” he says.

It seems consumers were fast to accept the stickers and on average used it more frequently than conventional cards.

2. Panasonic broadens POS support – Panasonic has opened up its support base for their leading hardware platforms to add seven POS management software systems. This allows those software providers to offer their POS suite on Panasonic’s hardware including the new Stingray workstation. Read the rest of the article to view the seven POS software suites that will easily integrate into the Panasonic platform.

3. 5 Things Small Retailers Need to Compete with the Big Box Great article for any small retailer that has faced the fear of a large retail corporation moving in on their territory.

“It is only the small merchant that can truly compete with big box.”

The list contains five things that you should do to beat out the Big Box competition. Be proud you’re a small retailer and remember customers love a personal touch.

4. Point-of-sale license issue aids hunters – Pennsylvania has jumped on the bandwagon that many states have already joined…POS Hunting Licenses! These hunters can now join the modern age by purchasing their licenses through a system the Pennsylvania Game Commission calls appropriately “Point of Sale”. The system will let hunters have a new smaller license that will be easier to obtain rather than the old large paper tags on your back.

“It will provide opportunities for the Game Commission to monitor license administration, license sales, create strategic business plans based on trend analysis and, most importantly, create marketing plans based on more accurate customer demographics.’’

5. Want to Increase Revenue? Reduce Your Inventory – When I first started reading this article I thought it was a backwards concept. As the article continued it began to make sense less on-hand inventory is a great way to increase your revenue! This is a must read for any retail business especially specific niche type stores. Grab a pencil and paper, follow the steps outlined in the article and you may be able to reduce unnecessary inventory to help with your overall costs.

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expressive woman shoppingThis weeks weekly roundup is full of technology news for the retail industry. It seems shopping has come a long way from the old clunky cash registers and little variety. In today’s retail environment a customer can find what they want, when they want it and quickly. This makes every market very competitive in which you will only survive if you can provide the best customer service combined with an excellent product.

1. Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to Help You Ring Up More Sales – Another great marketing article from the Specialty Retail Expert. Patricia discusses five low cost marketing ideas to improve your overall business. These ideas are simple and straightforward she suggests giving away a monthly prize or a product giveaway promotion with a purchase. Customers love when they get something for free and it will keep them coming back for more.

2. Penney’s ‘smart fixture’ rolls out as next technological step – This is amazing technology that you must read about! J.C. Penney has taken shopping to a whole new level by implementing the smart fixture. The smart fixture is a door frame size structure that has a touchscreen and runs an application allowing for customers to scan an item, learn more about the different features and even have the information e-mailed to them. J.C.Penney has applied for a patent on a smart fixture they plan to test next month in a few stores…it’s called “findmore jcp interactive store”.

3. Live chat drives sales, satisfaction, but only when executed honestly – It’s amazing to learn that a live chat application on a website can bring more satisfaction to a customer than calling the store customer service hotline. James Brickers discusses the benefits and downfalls of offering live chat to your web-based customers. Number one no-no don’t use chat bots and always train your chat operators to be superior in customer service.

4. Which businesses should use Mobile Point of Sale Equipment? – We all know the answer to that question…any business that wants to keep their customers happy. Times are tough economically right now and the fastest ways to lose a customer is poor service and long wait times. This article discusses various options for mobile point of sale along with logical reasons every retailer should be using it.

5. Bravestorm unveils click-to-call for small retailers – This goes hand in hand with the live chat article. Bravestrom has announced a beta version of BoldCall Express click to call. It is an online lead generation tool to help retailers connect with their customers. A button placed on a website is clicked by the customer requesting that a representative from the business call them. The calls can be routed a variety of different ways to suit the business using the feature. It’s affordable, it’s new and it will bring personalization to your web based customers.

“Our goal was to make click-to-call technology easily accessible to any business,” says Bravestorm president and CEO Steve Castro-Miller.

Hackers Test Security, Retail Pricing Tips, High Tech Grocery Stores


Credit cardThis week’s weekly round up focuses on two security news articles, retail pricing considerations and new high tech grocery stores in Connecticut. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekly top stories for point of sale and retail news.

1. Hackers Test Limits of Credit Card Security Standards – This is an excellent article by the Washington Post talking about the current security issues in the retail point of sale environment. The article explains PCI standards and the issues that retailers have with them. Do you keep credit card data? If you don’t you could lose money when it comes to chargeback’s and disputes. If you do you are required to keep that data encrypted and that does not always keep the thieves away. Read more to learn about the latest security issues that involve the retail industry.

2. PIN Crackers Nab Holy Grail of Bank Card Security – Another great retail security article by Wired.com. It seems PIN thieves have found a way to breach PIN numbers with new technology. Just when you thought it was safe to encrypted PIN numbers in blocks these hackers have found a way to breech the most secure PINs. Stated in the 2009 Data Breach Investigations report these PIN hacks have resulted in..

“more targeted, cutting-edge, complex, and clever cybercrime attacks than seen in previous years.”

The article goes on to tell about the different ways hackers’ access PIN Numbers and statistics of growing popularity among cons.

3. Buying a POS System: 5 Lessons From Businesses Like Yours – This is a short, but informative article from the BuyersZone blog. I found it extremely interesting and full of statistics about POS systems. The article gives the top 5 requested POS input devices and types of businesses that need a point of sale system. The debate of POS service contracts and buying new versus used point of sale systems is discussed. Can you guess what the top requested input device is? Read more to find out.

4. Pricing and Small Retailers: Questions to Consider – You will need some time to read this extensive five page article on retail pricing. Grab a piece of paper to take some notes and find some great tips on product pricing. Did you know there are five different segments of consumers and there is a difference in fair pricing? Do you plan for stock shortages or use price lining? Find sound business advice from business owner and consumer point of view in this fantastic retail article.

5. High-Tech Grocery Shopping Touts Savings, But Hasn’t Hooked Customers – Can you picture grocery shopping with a handheld scanner, scanning each item as it goes into your cart and using the scanner to check out at the end of your trip? That is what some stores in Hartford Connecticut are doing.

Modiv Media Inc. developed Scan It! a handheld scanner that allows shoppers to scan and bag their groceries as they shop. It doesn’t stop there, if a customer scans an item that has a manufacturers “offer” or coupon it is automatically given to the customer. When they are ready to check out, the shopper simply scans the device at the check out and boom you’re done.

The scanner has had mixed reviews with shoppers, but it looks like the high tech Grocery store may catch on.

Mobile Visa Payments, New Customer Loyalty Program, Marketing Ideas, Economic Recovery, Trends for Convenience Stores


POS and retail newsThe weekly round up of POS and retail news features informative information from the top stories of the week.  Learn about the launch of Visa’s new venture and Martiz Real-Time Rewards programs. You will  also find some tips for retailers to make it through the current economic slow down.

1. Visa Makes NFC Payment Commercially Available – This was the big news of the week being discussed by businesses across the web. Visa has implemented the first commercial mobile payment service for point of sale transactions. Although the service is only available in Malaysia it’s a start to a great new concept.

Perspective customers simply flash their NFC-enabled Nokia in front of a contactless reader and the goods are paid for. Visa has also teamed up with mobile operators Maxix and Maybank to take this venture further. There are currently 1,800 shops accepting this type of payment, but I have a feeling the trend will pick up.

2. Maritz, Welcome Real-Time Announce POS Based Marketing and Loyalty Program – The new partnership between Welcome Real-Time and Martiz has resulted in the launch of a new customer loyalty program in the U.S. and Canada.

The Martiz Real-Time Rewards will allow customers to receive special targeted offers, earn points through a retailer program and delivers behavior driven marketing incentives. All offers are printed on the customers receipt through the existing point of sale system so there is no additional hardware to purchase.

3. Free or Low-Cost Marketing Ideas – In today’s economy we are all looking for a low cost solution to everything that we do. This is a great article about some low cost or even free marketing tips. We all know the more you market the more your sales will increase.

Learn tips on email marketing, hosting store events and working with other stores to cross promote therefore increasing the sales for your retail business. It’s all about using the resources you have available and making your customers happy to receive a free item or a discount.

4. Get Your Business Ready Now for Tomorrow’s Recovery – This is a great article about the current economic situation and what you should do as a retailer or small business owner to not get left in the dust.

Rieva Lesonsky talks about how retailers have cut their staff and inventory due to lack of money. She points out that this can backfire when it comes to your customers.

I’ve been in too many stores lately where I was disappointed with the lack of stock on the shelves and vowed to find other places to shop. Or I’ve been greeted with long lines in stores with not enough personnel to handle the currently lightened customer load.

Think twice next time you have to make a budget cut, maybe you could do it in an area that won’t effect your customers’ experience.

5. Top Technology Trends for Convenience Store Retailing – The article is based on a webinars hosted by Convenience Store News highlighting the results of its 2009 technology study. It states spending trends, technology trends, and employee issues.
The main focus of the article is the ability to get real-time information. This helps a business improve across many lines without having to jump through hoops to get information.

“What we’ve noticed for a lot of retailers, that attitude—which we consider a ‘legacy attitude’—is diminishing. It’s now about the employee and the customer,” Kilcourse said

Weekly Point of Sale and Retail News Round Up


istock_000002589632xsmallThis is the first edition of a weekly post we are starting at The Wizard of POS. The post will feature 5 recent news or interesting point of sale and retail articles. If you have a suggestion on an article that should make the weekly round up, email us and we will contact you.

This week we tried to focus on a couple articles that feature the latest POS news and a couple that will help retailers with point of sale decisions.

1. BlueStar Offers New ID Card Printing Solution With Zebra QuikCard ID – A great new innovative product from Bluestar technology promises a QuickID Card solution for smaller retailers without requiring a major money investment.

“By removing these entry barriers, Zebra’s out-of-the-box solution offers new and existing market segments a practical way to deploy entry-level card applications.”

This QuickID Card is available in four different models for dual or single side printing.

2. Point of Sale Integrated Security Camera Cuts Theft – An inspirational true story about how an integrated POS system helps catch customers scamming the business with fraudulent refund request.

This gives all of us a reason to research investing in a competent point of sale system.

3. Thinking of Going Blond? Consult the Kiosk First – Kiosks have come along way since the days of train tickets and family snapshots. New Kiosks offer so much more personalization that can recognize customers, previous purchase histories and even recommend products to buy.

Flash a card… like a customer card from a local drugstore or grocery store and your Kiosk nay address you by name! They can give a depth of detail that is advancing by the day. Intel has many plans for the POS Kiosk industry so hold onto your hats and indulge iin the technology.

4. Security Advantages of a Web Based POS – This is a great post by Justin over at Merchant POS dealing with the security advantages of a web based point of sale. This is a major concern for many retailers around the world.

This article features the top 5 security failures and security precautions that everyone should take. There is information on wireless security, firewalls/routers, employee access, viruses and more…

5. POS Software Will Increase Your Business the Least Expensive Way – Bob Brown over at Prophetline has a remarkable article about point of sale software increasing your business. Bob states

POS software can help you become an efficient retailer in three important ways. Market more too existing customers, control your inventory and expand your geographical territory by making your products and services available through the Internet.

We can’t agree more, Bob! Every business no matter how small needs an efficient, reliable POS system to help organize their business and increase their profit.

Hope you have enjoyed our first series of Weekly Point of Sale and Retail News Round Up at The Wizard of POS! Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly updates and leave a comment for other retailers like you.

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