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iStock_000006992474SmallThe holidays are fast approaching which hopefully means a busy season for small retailers. This weeks roundup with present you with information to survive the holiday season creating profits for your retail shop. Read about the available point of sale merchant solutions, money saving tips, holiday inventory financing, some great PR tips for any small retail business and how to start a small business that will succeed.

1. Merchant Solutions Available in the Market Today – In order to thrive in today’s business market small retailers need to be educated on the available POS or point of sale merchant solutions. In another helpful article by Amy Nutt she outlines the solutions presented by the current point of sale market. Including online merchant POS software that’s becoming increasing popular due to the growth of internet users. The author outlines each of the following: an online merchant account, or a basic credit card and bank card PAD, a full service point-of-sale (POS) terminal that will meet any small retailers need.

2. 10 Money and Time-Saving Tips for Small Business – Short 10 tips for any business most importantly small retailers that could help you at home as well. These are very practical but unique things like grouping similar tasks and do them in batch.

3. The Struggle to Find Inventory Financing for the Holidays – The season most small retailers depend on is approaching quickly and inventory will be the most important. The article gives an example of what is happening along with helpful information from some experts in the financing field on determining the amount of inventory you will need.

4. PR Equals Great Exposure for Your Store – The Specialty Retail Expert lays out 5 tips for getting press coverage in your local newspaper or regional city magazine. Editorial coverage could be very beneficial to gain new customers by putting your small business in the spotlight.

5. The Aspiring Merchant’s Guide to Launching a Small Retail Shop – The author caught my attention right away with this statement:

Some of these would-be merchants have been recently laid off from their corporate jobs and are looking for an opportunity to carve their own path. Others are simply ready for a change in the way they earn their living…This article will provide a high-level blueprint for not only surviving in your market, but also thriving among your competitors.

If you’re just starting in the retail industry this is a must read article.

Retail POS Buying Tips, 101 Small Retail Business Tips, 3 Digital Signage Audio Tips, Retail From Great to Good, Small Retailers Conquer


istock_000003490427xsmallTips, Tips and more Tips in this weeks weekly roundup. Below you will find great questions to answer when considering the purchase of a point of sale for your business. Then go on to 101 tips for small businesses from small business owners, followed up by three rules you should abide by when using digital audio signage. We finish up with a couple great articles about how small retail has declined and the nostalgia of the mom and pop stores.

1. What Retail Point of Sale (POS) System is best for my business? – This is not your typical article about buying the right POS. The author gives you very poignant questions you should consider and answer before attempting your point of sale purchase.

2. 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers – This article is invaluable and a must read for all our viewers. There are 101 tips from small retail business just like yours. These are tips you can use and put in place immediately to help conquer any obstacle you may encounter.

3. Three rules for digital signage audio in the retail environment – The retail customer experience pull it off again with a fantastic article about digital signage. This is one of the latest, most effective advertising technologies but it can be ineffective even annoying if not used right. Take these three rules for displaying your audio digital, implement them and reap the rewards.

4. The Slow Drift From Great to Good – This writer makes a great analogy comparing the way to get a good cup of coffee to the way small retail hospitality has declined. Just like the taste of your coffee dwindles as it ages so does the generous experience from your local retail shop. The change is slow and you might not notice but this spells it out and gives you something to think about.

5. The enduring wisdom of Mom & Pop – A truly inspiring story about the time when small retail shops lined the city streets. It was not just a matter of retail style it was about the values, the experience and always the friendships.

Small Retailer Recession Tips, Fighting Retailer Credit Card Fees, Specialty Retailers Can Win, Buying Behavior Shift, Small Business Dilemma


istock_000000225098xsmallI usually bring you an assortment of POS and retail news in the weekly roundup. This week I bring you a special edition aimed only at helping small retailers gain an edge to survive and come out on top of the retail industry. Below you will find a wide variety of tips to help every area of the retail business and see how a major chain is helping to fight those dreaded merchant fees for accepting credit cards.

1. A Look at How Retailers Can Weather the Recession – As a small retail business owner you must study the strategies of big chain stores and implement those strategies according to the business sector you’re in. The author gives a list of 7 ways you can focus your attention to be a successful small retailer.

2. Circle K Petition Update – Circle K has taken it’s clout and used it for something that in the long run can be very beneficial to small businesses. They have a current petition in all their locations for customers to sign. This petition will be making it’s way to Congress in hopes of brining some type of transparency to credit card fees that merchants are having to pay. Many customers are not even aware that the cost of goods are increased to cover these fees which can be quite high.

Circle K’s petition, entitled “Fight Unfair Credit Card Fees,” begins: “The credit-card interchange fee is the biggest credit-card fee you’ve never heard of. Nearly $2 of every $100 American consumers spend using credit cards goes directly to the credit-card industry through the interchange fee. In 2008 alone, Americans paid over $48 billion in interchange fees, more than twice what was paid in credit card late fees and three times ATM fees. The average American household paid $427 in credit-card interchange fees last year. Total interchange fee revenues have tripled since 2001.”

3. How Specialty Retailers Can Outcompete Large Merchants – Have big boxed merchants showed up on your retail stomping grounds? More than likely they have and they are willing to push you right out and gain that customer base. This author gives some great tips on how a Specialty Small Retail Shop can rise above and crush the competition.

4. There’s Going to be a Major Shift in Boomer Buying Behavior – This may be something that none of you have thought about, Baby Boomers. They make up almost a third of the American consumers and they are cutting their spending. The Specialty Retail Expert offers four strategic questions that must be answered in order for you to survive the next major shift in buying behavior.

5. Small Business Dilemma: Profitability vs. Service Integrity – Balance is everything in any small retail business. This article defines the difference between the profitability and service integrity issue. Then goes on with a case study and offers some advice and balancing profits with great service.
6. London retailer puts shoplifter photos on its web site – I just couldn’t pass this one up! This London Company has a great way to control theft and keep costs down. They post the CCTV pictures of suspected shoplifters on their website and they offer a reward if any of the suspected shoplifters are arrested!

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istock_000002468759xsmallThis weeks roundup highlights the benefits of a wireless hand-held point of sale and the benefits of holding a type of charity event for your community. We also feature a couple articles on the PCI compliance regulations for retailers and how they can make sure their POS is up to code.

1. Wireless Hand-held POS System Aids Restaurant Business – An inspiring article about how a hand-held wireless POS system manufactured by Motorola is benefiting the restaurant industry. This is coming of the age technology that will help reduce wait times, reduce order errors and super improve customer service. The days of long lines at your restaurant point of sale are over…welcome to wireless hand-held POS.

2. Research Finds PCI DSS Awareness High Among Small Retailers, Lack of Understanding Remains Huge Hurdle – The new PCI standards for security seems like a painful process but an important one for all people involved. It seems many small retailers are still in the dark about the new PCI standards and what they are to do to meet the standard. The article includes a link to a PCI Knowledge base that can help small retailers understand what exactly need to be done and how.

3. Survey: Level 4s Recognition Of PCI High, Understanding Of It Almost Nil – This article is related to the one above, but offered answered to very commonly asked questions by small businesses about PCI compliance and their current POS system.

4. America’s (Very Small) Small-Business Sector – This short but stunning article took me by surprise. A study published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows that although America is known as the country to achieve the “American Dream”, only 7.2% of the retail industry consists of small retailers. Greece leads the list with 35.9% leaving America second to last in this global small retail market.

5. Give and Get Back—The Value of Cause Marketing – A wonderful idea to increase customer loyalty, increase the overall perception of your business and bring customers in. Hold a charity event! That’s right give back to the community that has supported you for so long by holding a fundraiser or other type of charity event. It will help your community and your business.

Small Retail Customer Service Tips


istock_000007195515xsmallThis is a special post for all small retailers to help focus their attention on the importance of customer service. These tips and examples will help you improve loyalty, image and overall profits.

1. Why good customer service is like billiards – Great analogy focused on the importance of retail training for employees and how it reflects on your customer service.

2. Does your sales staff sabotage your business? – Another great personal experience from an author that’s in the retail sales industry. A great example on how one bad employee can lose you a customer for life, which in the small retail world could be crucial.

3. Three reasons customer service is so bad – This is a short, but informative article listing three reasons you may not think of when it comes to bad customer service. From health insurance to erratic pricing learn how to avoid these small business pitfalls.

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