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small retail newsAlthough many small retailers have offered early Holiday promotions at the point of sale, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching. The weekly roundup is full of Holiday Joy, featuring articles on using Black Friday to your advantage, what retailers are expecting for Cyber Monday, two imperative tips to help increase your Holiday profits and mobile shopping first Christmas. The kick off to the Holiday shopping season is almost here…make sure you’re prepared to impress your customers.

1. Black Friday 2009: It is Time to Shop for Your Small Business Needs – A different take on what Black Friday should mean for small retailers. With many large retailers slashing prices on products that will improve your small business performance why not take advantage of them. Take the time to look at the deals and maybe you could purchase that new computer to run your point of sale software more efficiently.

2. Retailers Make Push for ‘Cyber Monday’ – Will you be in the 87% of retailers that will offer a Cyber Monday promotion? Although some people debate whether there’s a real advantage to Cyber Monday, you will have to agree that sales do increase online and consumers are looking for them on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

“While it may not be the biggest online shopping day on the calendar, it’s still online retail’s alarm clock, drawing 33% more shoppers than the rest of November’s average.”

3. Email marketing will make a difference in your holiday business – If you’re not already collecting customer email address it’s a perfect time to start. Email marketing is a free, targeted way to announce your small retail Holiday sale promotions to proven customers. This article mentions a free “Holiday in a Bag” kit from Campaigner that features email templates and graphics, holiday e-cards, and 100 tips for holiday marketing including instructions for optimizing deliverability of email marketing.

4. Training for unit-level success for holiday 2009 – Having highly trained, helpful employees during this shopping season is extremely important if you want to retain customers. This article gives some great tips on how and what to train your employees on to assure customer service satisfaction.

5. Mobile Shopping’s First Christmas – Shopping from your mobile phone was practically non-existent last year but as technology has advanced it has brought Mobile Shopping its first Christmas. In this helpful article form Business Week, Paula Rosenblum explains why mobile shopping is here to stay.

POS Review, BW Chooses Small Retailers, Holiday Survival Kit, Key Holiday Promotion, Learning From Apple


Small Retail Holiday TipsAs the Holidays approach it seems that is the only thing that is on everyone’s mind. Small retailers, big box stores, consumers and experts all have a prediction for the “Holiday Sale” season. This being so, you will see many articles featured in the upcoming weekly roundups about the Holidays but be sure to keep tuned in as many of these will be tips and suggestions for small retailers. This week we start off with a genuine point of sale software review which caught my eye since it’s about our featured sponsor. The next is a follow up article from Business Week naming the three small businesses they will be following during the next month. This week the must read is the Holiday Survival Guide put out by the National Retail Federation and that’s followed by a great suggestion about promotion to your customers. We end the weekly roundup with a few things all retailers could learn from Apple.

1. MerchantOS – Point of Sale Goes to the Cloud – As I said above this is an honest review I found posted by a brick and mortar PC shop that recently decided to go with MerchantOS as their POS software solution. Chris, the owner of Charm City Networks explains why he needed a point of sale solution for his business, why he chose this solution and how the entire process went.

2. Introducing: Tales of Holiday Retail – Last month we featured an article by Business Week stating that they were looking for a few small retailers to follow during the next eight weeks of the Holiday shopping season. Well the results are in…read the article to see the three small retailers that BW will be following.

3. 2009 Holiday Survival Kit – This is actually a downloadable pdf file that is provided by the National Retail Federation (NRF). They cover past holiday sales, sales by sector, theft/fraud, advertising, gift cards and much more. Go on over and grab your free copy, its well worth a couple clicks of your mouse.

4. Shop Local: Authenticity as a Key Holiday Promotion – Another great article by John Tozzi over at Business Week. Ever think of focusing on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas? It’s not to late, find out how to boost your Holiday sales early. Use the buy local movement and giving some authenticity.

“Independent brick-and-mortar retailers have a key advantage over big box competitors: Their stores are rooted in their communities. Small business owners can leverage that sense of place and connection to people who live there in a way that’s very hard for Target or Best Buy to replicate.”

5. Five things any retailer can learn from Apple – I first thought WHAT? Then I thought HMMM…this is good. The Retail Customer Experience again delivers a clever, useful article on five lessons you could learn from Apple.

POS Security, Small Retail Mobile Commerce, Employee Branding Tips, Gift Cards and Small Retail, Guide to Holiday Sales and Profits


Weekly Small Retail News Employee theft is a large problem with small retail businesses but not for long. Our first feature in the round up this week is a security device that is triggered at the point of sale when it detects a suspicious transaction. Then we move onto numbers that will show you why small retailers should be using mobile commerce to enhance the customer experience. Our third feature in the round up is an article targeted toward the restaurant industry and crew branding but it’s a universal theory that can be used in any industry. Next we feature an article that all small businesses should consider, selling gift cards for their shops. This inexpensive concept could bring in more profits than you think. The last article we feature in this weeks roundup is more of a guide, an essential guide for small retail business owners that will show you step by step how to maximize your sales and profits during the Holiday shopping season.

1. Fighting the five-finger discount – Agilence has revealed a solution for loss prevention that could revolutionize the retail security industry. The system synchronizes raw security camera footage with point of sale data, taking a till image of every product scanned at the POS. This allows for quick review of thousands of images for any suspicious activity. Read the article for a full explanation and future enhancements.
2. Mobile commerce has arrived – The numbers in this article are proof enough that small retailers need to start implementing a mobile commerce strategy. North American mobile commerce sales will be above $750 million in the upcoming year and over 57 million American people access the web via a mobile device at least once a day. Still not convinced? The article lists many other staggering facts as well as a detailed chart showing the data.
3. Your Crew Is Your Brand – As I stated in the beginning of this post, the article is targeted toward the restaurant industry. After reading the great advice given by the author about how your employees can influence your company brand, I felt that all retailers could gain knowledge from it. The article goes into what’s missing, what’s needed and examples of who is using great techniques to bring employees to the level of promoting your brand image positively.
4. Every Business Should Be Offering Gift Cards – I couldn’t agree more with the author of this article. Every shop whether large or small should be offering their customers the chance to purchase a gift card. They’re easy, a great gift idea and a fantastic way for a current customer to recommend your product or service to a friend. The article gives statistics on the number of consumers that purchase gift cards as well as some great example of why every business should be using them.
5. How to Maximize Holiday Sales and Profits – This has to be the best how to guide I have found for any retail business. It’s a comprehensive three page article that outlines how to differentiate your small business during the holiday season, how to come up with a sales plan and marketing strategies (offline & online) that will increase Holiday sales.

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MartSmall retail business tips and suggestions dominate this weeks round up. Our first feature is a call from BusinessWeek for small retailers to share their experience and data with them during the holiday sales season. Then read about how to deal with big business moving into your neighborhood and what to do to beat them. Our third feature is the top five WordPress themes for small business which is always helpful for a small retail blog. If you’re wondering what SWOT is then check our fourth feature article of the weekly round up and finish off by reading about how small retailers can fight walk away customers.

1. Looking for a Few Good Retailers… – BusinessWeek is looking for the help of small retailers to help tell the story of “true” holiday sales. The forecast is bleak and experts say sales will drop but BusinessWeek wants to know the truth from independent retailers across the country. Read on to find out how you can help participate and tell your story.

2. Small Retailers: Don’t Emulate Big Biz, Outpace Them – This is a fascinating and helpful article that compares how to small retail shops handled the stress of a big business entering their area. You will be surprised at the results and enjoy the great tips on what you can do as a small business owner to outpace big biz.

3. Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes for Small Business – If you don’t already have a blog to share information with your customers you should get that done immediately. The holiday season is fast approaching and a blog is an effective way to communicate sales, promotions, store events just about anything you would like your customers and potential customers to know. Here is five WordPress themes that will have your small retail blog looking professional.

4. Bring The SWOT To Your Business – The word SWOT caught my eye instantly when I saw this article. I was thinking what in the heck is SWOT…one click later and I find Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats…now I have it and it has my attention. You can start using SWOT to analyze your business, put a plan into action and strategize for better results.

5. Smart retailers fight walk-aways at the checkout – When a customer leaves you retail establishment due to a long, slow line it gets you thinking of what you could do to improve response time. Many small retailers are turning to queue management solutions that can be uniquely customized for each retailer. The articles touches on the different elements of queue management as well as some positive results it may bring to your store.

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