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POS and Small Retail NewsThis weeks roundup features five articles form the past week that will help small retailers with point of sale advertising customer service. The first article in the roundup consists of ten ways small business owners can increase sales of displays at their POS. We then move on to the announcement that will have an effect on small retail establishment in California due to a new plastic bag law. The third article this week gives tips for small businesses to start going green, this will reduce energy costs and could even bring tax credits your way. We feature many articles on listening to your customers and this week is no exception. Our fourth feature this week focuses on 8 ways you can use to listen to what your customers which will help in various parts of your small retail business. We end the roundup this week with an extensive article on how small retailers can increase their chances of survival.

1. Ten Steps for Lucrative Point of Sale Displays – The techniques outlined in this article will help you bring in more money at your POS displays. This is now longer limited to large brand stores, small retail shops across the country are adopting this form of advertising. Read on to learn ten short ways to make your profits rise using point of sale display advertising.

2. Calif. Assembly passes ban on single-use bags: Senate vote is next – Although this will not have an effect on California small retailers until June of 2013, it will play a major role in changing the way businesses pack the customers goods for carry-out. The California Assembly has voted to ban all single-use disposable bags and also any paper bag that is not at least 40% recycled content. This ban will start at the beginning of the 2012 year for larger chains such as supermarkets and then roll into the small retail sector starting in June of 2013.

3. A Green Approach to Office Technology – Going green seems to be the new trend that many retailers are adopting. This article outlines a few simple steps small retailers can use to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint. One answer is to start purchasing energy star compliant computers, point of sale equipment and peripherals. Taking this initiative could also bring tax credits to your business while providing you with a cheaper energy bill.

4. 8 Ways To Listen To Your Customers – this is informative and laid out very nice for you to learn 8 different ways to listen to your customers. The author points out that for every one person that complains there are 26 customers who do not but listening to them in various ways can give your retail establishments a step up and avoid customers who are unhappy.

“Whether your customers are filling out a standardized form or having a one-on-one conversation with you, asking them for feedback allows you to get deeper insight into how they feel about your business, and what you can do to make it better.”

5. The Small Retailer’s Survival Guide Part 9 Range Changes and Range Extensions – A very uplifting article that encourages the small retail industry that they can rise above and beyond large chain stores with the advantage of one little thing, stock. This is one area that large chains seem to fall into a trap of not knowing, long wait times and too much research. Small retailers have the speed and flexibility to order stock on the fly and also know right away what is selling and what’s not selling.

FIRMS Handheld Restaurant POS Software Review


handheld-tablet-ipadCompany Name: Lecere Corporation
Product Name: FIRMS Handheld Restaurant POS

FIRMS Handheld Restaurant POS Software Overview

Lecere is a company based in Oregon that is composed of a team of individuals that have many years in the restaurant and technology fields. The FIRMS restaurant POS software solution is designed with future technologies in mind and offers a total restaurant point of sale solution. The software is an integrated set of SaaS modules used to excel any restaurant from a small mom and pop operation to a large well known chain.

FIRMS provides the restaurant owner five individual, on-demand modules:

  • Point of sales (POS), with online delivery or takeout accessible via a web browser, PDA, or cell phone
  • Networked, multiple-restaurant accounting
  • Powerful online reservations capability for restaurants, accessible via a web browser, PDA, or cell phone
  • Mapping and geocoding for directions to the restaurant, display of nearby, and optimized delivery
  • Data mining, which allows the restaurant to target selected customers for special offers

Lecere states on their website that with as little as an inexpensive handheld device you can purchase modules as your business grows. This will alleviate the high cost of certain business operations and improve customer service. FIRMS is compatible with a variety of handheld computers including the new Apple iPad eliminating the need for larger high cost POS systems.

Video – FIRMS Handheld Restaurant POS iPad Demonstration:

For more information visit the Lecere website.

ASIs Write-On Handheld Restaurant POS Software Review


resturant_posCompany Name: Action Systems Inc. (ASI)
Product Name: Restaurant Manager Write-On Handheld

Write-On Handheld Restaurant POS Software Overview

ASI boasts the Write-on Handheld restaurant point of sale software is a complete solution that can assist hundreds of restaurants through out the country. The software runs on numerous wireless handheld computers including the popular and seemingly inexpensive iPod Touch. You can take orders, process payments and do a variety of other things while never leaving the customer at the table. Using Write-on Handheld in conjunction with Restaurant Manager you can access all business data from numerous locations at the touch of a button on your handheld device.

Restaurant Manager is the true software behind the successful restaurant point of sale solution.  The complete package includes the ability to run for customers to order online, receive real time alerts, the ability to add a touchscreen POS and an extensive backend restaurant manager with one stop reporting.

The company which has over 20 years experience in creating point of sale solutions states:

Our restaurant POS software can provide integrated Online Ordering, inventory management and control, wireless table side ordering and payment, real-time alerts, mobile management capabilities and robust back office management can help increase revenue, cut cost and boost your bottom line.

Video Outlining the Handheld Restaurant Manager POS Software

It’s a little outdated but it gives you the basic idea of the capabilities.

You can find much more valuable information at the company website and explore all the possibilities this could open for your restaurant.

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Note: The Weekly Roundup will be moving to Mondays featuring Point of Sale and Small Retail News from the previous week.

POS and Small Retail NewsIt was great to hear this week that small retail businesses are finally gaining ground in the battle of credit card fees at their POS terminal. Although the amendment still has to pass The House, experts are confident this will be a huge win for the small retail industry. This is outlined in the first article in this weeks roundup. We then move on to an article that focuses mainly on mobile POS advancements but the beginning has an encouraging update on Dairy Queen’s success using the technology. The third feature this week lead into much bigger things as excitement and curiosity took over. The article showcases new tools that add incredible functionality to restaurant point of sale handheld devices.

I found another great video demonstrating a new restaurant point of sale system that uses the iPad. I decided to write a review post on both systems that will be featured tomorrow morning…so be sure to check back.

Our fourth article this week was an interesting point of view that small retailers should be seeking small suppliers to do business with. Then the last feature is a few marketing tips that will help your small business grow profits even when tines are hard.

1. Swipe This: Small Businesses Smile About Card Fee Controls – On Thursday the US Senate passed an amendment that small retailers across the country are excited about. Although it has yet to pass The House, it could essentially limit the fees that retailers pay for debit and credit card sales. Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who proposed the amendment said:

“Making sure small businesses can grow and prosper is vital to putting our country back on solid economic footing.”

2. Shoppers Check Out of Stores Via Cell Phone – There has been much talk about mobile point of sale technology and it is growing by the day. The retail industry needs to start embracing and preparing for the types of mobile POS options on the market. We featured an article last summer announcing Dairy Queens plan to implement a mobile loyalty program for cellar customers with a “certain” chip attached to their phone. Well according to this article co-owner Dave Reasner says its working and customers are returning at a 3% increase.

3. New Tools Push the Boundaries of POS – The announcement of ASI’s Restaurant Manager POS software being available for the iPod Touch was amazing to me. The new tools that add profitable benefits for restaurant owners’ especially small ones who are looking for a way to compete with large chain restaurants. For a low cost a small business owner could have a handled system that increases customer satisfaction tenfold. That’s the reason for tomorrows review on two “new” restaurant point of sale handheld options.

4. Small Retailers Should Foster Big Relationship With Small Suppliers – This article is slightly hard to read but the information contained is valuable. It focuses on the reasons small retailers should consider partnering with small local suppliers versus larger wholesale suppliers. The overall benefits could easily outweigh any additional cost you would be saving dealing with a big brand company.

5. How retailers can market their way out of tough times – I agreed with these authors when they said

“In an economy like this, cutting back on marketing is flirting with business suicide.”

This article gives five great tips on how to bring marketing back into your small retail business plan without emptying your bank account.

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