Mobile POS Software for $.99, PCI Simplification, Small Retailers Embrace Digital Signage, Customer Survey Results


iStock_000002468759XSmallThis week in our roundup comes with a huge announcement for small retailers looking to purchase mobile point of sale software. One company has just announced a large discount for retailers purchasing their POS Software in the next few days. Our second article comes from Bloomberg Businessweek with some tips for small retailers to simplify PCI compliance. The last three articles we feature were all published by the Retail Customer Experience, which if you are a regular reader, you will know we feature many articles from this informative site. This week one article talks about the emergence of digital signage in some small businesses you would not expect. The last two articles give study results on consumers and how they are buying.

1. Pingysoft announces the sale that goes stale for RingItUp Pro – If you’re a small retail business and you own an iPhone, Ipod Touch or an Ipad you are in for one big treat. Pingysoft announced today that they are offering their mobile point of sale software called RingItUp for a mere $.99. Yes, there is one catch, the price will double each day until it reaches the full retail price of $39.99. So head on over to the website and check it out to get in on one of the biggest discounts you’ll find.

2. Simplify PCI Compliance for Data Security – When it comes to being PCI compliant many small business owners feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done to assure data security. This article will outline a few tips that retailers can do to simplify the process and maintain adequate security in their retail establishments.

3. Digital signage comes to the country store – Rural America nd small retailers are embracing the advertising power of digital signage. StandVision LLC has reported that they are deploying several systems in rural stores in Illinois. Agricultural equipment, electricians and plumbing stores are jumping at the chance for this new technology that utilizes a 40-inch LCD screen.

“So when people come in to get parts for their equipment, they’re usually not that happy,” he said. “And what the digital signage actually does is give them something else to focus on … It kind of helps calm the whole situation down.”

4. Study: Grocery shoppers highly susceptible to in-store marketing – This is good news for any small market or retail store, the survey shows that up to 90% of shoppers, consisting mainly of women buy on the fly and are highly likely to purchase a product that has effective in-store marketing.

5. The four types of convenience store shoppers – this article comes with another study conducted by Cole & Weber United. It focuses on the four types of customers that enter your convenient store. One of the obvious shoppers would be your regulars and then people that live in the neighborhood. The article goes into a great description of each type and why you should know which kind of customer you’re selling to.

How to Integrate MerchantOS and Freshbooks Online Invoicing


This is a special bonus video for customers of the MerchantOS Point of Sale Software that also use Freshbooks online invoicing software. The quick instructional video will show you exactly what you need to do to integrate your customers and inventory from Freshbooks to your MerchantOS point of sale account.

UC 2010 RICS User Conference: Effective Advertising Four Part Series


default1Jennifer Moehlmann and Angela Votta of Card Marketing Services offer advice on effective advertising for small retail merchants in this four part video series.default2

defaultUC 2010: Moehlmann and Votta / Effective Advertising 1 of 4

UC 2010: Moehlmann and Votta / Effective Advertising 2 of 4default3

UC 2010: Moehlmann and Votta / Effective Advertising 3 of 4

UC 2010: Moehlmann and Votta / Effective Advertising 4 of 4

POS Display Tips, Point of Sale Changing, Small Retailers Benefit from Green, Listen to Your Customers, Small Retailers Survival Guide


POS and Small Retail NewsThis weeks roundup features five articles form the past week that will help small retailers with point of sale advertising customer service. The first article in the roundup consists of ten ways small business owners can increase sales of displays at their POS. We then move on to the announcement that will have an effect on small retail establishment in California due to a new plastic bag law. The third article this week gives tips for small businesses to start going green, this will reduce energy costs and could even bring tax credits your way. We feature many articles on listening to your customers and this week is no exception. Our fourth feature this week focuses on 8 ways you can use to listen to what your customers which will help in various parts of your small retail business. We end the roundup this week with an extensive article on how small retailers can increase their chances of survival.

1. Ten Steps for Lucrative Point of Sale Displays – The techniques outlined in this article will help you bring in more money at your POS displays. This is now longer limited to large brand stores, small retail shops across the country are adopting this form of advertising. Read on to learn ten short ways to make your profits rise using point of sale display advertising.

2. Calif. Assembly passes ban on single-use bags: Senate vote is next – Although this will not have an effect on California small retailers until June of 2013, it will play a major role in changing the way businesses pack the customers goods for carry-out. The California Assembly has voted to ban all single-use disposable bags and also any paper bag that is not at least 40% recycled content. This ban will start at the beginning of the 2012 year for larger chains such as supermarkets and then roll into the small retail sector starting in June of 2013.

3. A Green Approach to Office Technology – Going green seems to be the new trend that many retailers are adopting. This article outlines a few simple steps small retailers can use to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint. One answer is to start purchasing energy star compliant computers, point of sale equipment and peripherals. Taking this initiative could also bring tax credits to your business while providing you with a cheaper energy bill.

4. 8 Ways To Listen To Your Customers – this is informative and laid out very nice for you to learn 8 different ways to listen to your customers. The author points out that for every one person that complains there are 26 customers who do not but listening to them in various ways can give your retail establishments a step up and avoid customers who are unhappy.

“Whether your customers are filling out a standardized form or having a one-on-one conversation with you, asking them for feedback allows you to get deeper insight into how they feel about your business, and what you can do to make it better.”

5. The Small Retailer’s Survival Guide Part 9 Range Changes and Range Extensions – A very uplifting article that encourages the small retail industry that they can rise above and beyond large chain stores with the advantage of one little thing, stock. This is one area that large chains seem to fall into a trap of not knowing, long wait times and too much research. Small retailers have the speed and flexibility to order stock on the fly and also know right away what is selling and what’s not selling.

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