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By Dan Rafter

Dan Rafter is a freelance writer and editor with 15 years of journalism experience. Dan blogs via

Like most savvy small business owners, you understand just how important social media is in promoting your bakery, landscaping company, insurance office, or real estate brokerage. But are you using one of the most important social-networking sites, Twitter, as effectively as possible? These five Twitter tools can help you boost your business.

1. Twitoria: This deceptively simple tool allows you to easily discover how active the companies or people you are following have been active in the Twitter world. As the Small Business CEO Web site reports, by using Twitoria you can easily purge your  inactive “friends.”

2. Klout: You don’t want to be just a tweeter, right? You want to be an important tweeter. Klout can help you determine just how significant your small business tweets are to your followers. As the Small Business Trends Web site reports, Klout lets you determine if your influence in the world of Twitter is on the rise or on the downswing. This site will analyze more than 25 variables — such as the number of engaged followers you have and the percentage of your followers that are actually spam bots or dead accounts — to create a Klout Score. This number gives you a good idea about how influence potential of your small business tweets.

3. Recommended by Webopedia, the tool helps entrepreneurs find Twitter users who are most important to their business’s success. Users cheap essay writing online service best can search tweets for specific keywords. They can also use this tool to separate tweets by factors such as the gender of the people sending the tweets and the positive or negative nature of the tweets.

4. Bubble Tweet: The Small Business CEO site recommends this tool as an easy way for small business owners to introduce themselves and promote their goods or services. By using Bubble Tweet, small business owners can create a short video message for their Twitter profiles. The message pops up in a bubble-shaped video player, hence the name Bubble Tweet.

5. Optify: As Small Business Trends says, the Optify Twitter tool provides a host of applications that can help small business owners more effectively market their services and products. Optify lets users create real-time alerts to track keywords. The site also allows owners to organize their tweets into campaign, enabling business owners to determine if their focused marketing efforts are bearing any fruit.

If you want to use social media to boost your client list, sell more products and build a recognizable brand name in your community, Twitter can help. You just need the right business tools to accomplish these goals.

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