Online Point of Sale System


When someone refers to an online point of sale system, they’re usually referring to cloud based point of sale software. This means the POS system runs online and doesn’t require an installation on your local computer or specialized hardware (other than the point of sale machine itself). The majority of systems being programmed these days are cloud based because it’s easier for retailers to use and doesn’t require on-site maintenance or repair.

Additionally, online point of sale software is automatically updated with new features and doesn’t require an manual installation. You just connect your device to the online software and a merchant gateway and you’re ready to process a transaction! This makes it easy to use even complicated features, like inventory tracking, and makes customer service faster.

From a developer’s perspective, online pos software is beneficial because it allows you to make big improvements to your software without requiring a software update on every user’s computer. This makes it easier to tweak your programming and user experience without interrupting service.

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  1. martin webb

    Anyone looking for an online point of sale solution that works on PC, mac, android or Ipad should consider taking a free trial of tillify point of sale software. It needs no downloading and works in the web browser.

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