Advancing Mobile POS, PCI Compliance Announcement, Future of Retail, Small Retailers Left Behind


Retail News and POS ReviewsThe weekly round up will only feature four articles this week BUT we are currently working on two new Point of Sale Software Reviews that will be posted early next week.

We start this week with a major announcement from the Dutch that shows mobile point of sale solutions are becoming the future for many retailers. Our second feature is also an announcement stating the collaboration of a well known point of sale vendor and a data security company to bring PCI Compliance to their customers.

The last two articles we showcase in the roundup this week focus solely on the retail industry. Read about the launch of a new technology that combines smart phones with consumer behavior for a pioneering in store shopping experience. The last article we feature will help small retailers understand exactly IF they will qualify for Obama’s proposed Business Tax Break.

1. Netherlands to have mobile payment system by 2012 – Dutch Banks have joined forces with mobile operators to allow consumers in the Netherlands to use their smart phones as a mobile payment solution by the year 2012. Six companies have started the process of interacting exactly what is needed to make this a secure and successful solution for Dutch shoppers.

2. Retail Anywhere Collaborates with Cybera to Deliver PCI Compliance Solution – This announcement will hopefully be good news for Retail Anywhere customers. The company is promising this joint venture will provide a clear, easy answer to retail business to assure they are PCI compliant.

3. Jones New York Launches Innovative in-Store Experience at Macy’s Herald Square – The new technology might be the secret to the future of retailing. Using Microsoft tags, shoppers can download content on their smart phones as they shop on 25 products throughout the store. This would allow the potential buyer to view a unique “sales pitch” of the product while standing there deciding on whether to make the purchase…

4. Obama tax breaks: Limited help for small biz – Many businesses were eager to hear to the announcement of President Obama’s Business Tax Cuts but they reality is a little disconcerting for many small retailers. It seems the proposed “help” would only benefit businesses that spent over $250,000 in one year making improvement such as purchasing new inventory or equipment. The fact that small retailers are having a tough time just making payroll, it seems that type of spending is very unrealistic.

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    Mobile payment is a new and rapidly-adopting alternative payment method – especially in Asia and Europe. Instead of paying with cash, cheque or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services. For that reason Secure authentication for access to on-line services, convenient physical access control, security and ease of making payments have become essential functional requirements in today’s world.

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