New Mobile POS Application, Mobile Point of Sale Coupons, Small Retail Management Tools, Save Money and Build Customer Loyalty, Tell Customers about Publicity


iStock_000005301458XSmallMobile is the new technology whether it’s in the small retail sector or every day life. This weeks roundup features a new mobile point of sale application that will run on a blackberry as well as a new mobile POS coupon application. We then turn the attentions to saving money to help with your small business succeed. Including free tools and tips on controlling costs in a small retail environment. After that we will end with ways to focus on your customers which is the single most important element to keeping your retail shop alive.

1. CHARGE Anywhere Releases New Mobile Payment Application for BlackBerry Smartphones – Mobile POS is something that I embrace to a full extent and I feel every small retailer should be using. The convenience to the customer will bring in higher sales and retain loyalty. Consider the scenario of setting up a small vendor booth at your local hometown festival. If you’re able to use a mobile point of sale for customer to pay with a credit card it’s almost guaranteed that they would spend more than having to use cash. Plus it’s so rare that you see this type of payment system outside a normal brick and mortar business that the customer will remember you and pass the word.

2. MoLo Rewards: Making Mobile Coupons a Reality – Molo Reward has introduced a new mobile coupon application that allows customers to receive coupons on their mobile phones and redeem them at a point of sale. Although this is a new concept that many large corporations are starting to implement I believe this technology will catch on quickly. The ease of use for the consumer will be phenomenal and in today’s economy any savings is a good one. There will be a certain cost to small retails in order to start accepting mobile coupons due to the fact that you will have to have a reader installed at the POS. This would however be a great investment that could increase sales and retain customers.

3. Google Docs Templates for Small Business – Google offers free use of it’s document feature for anyone that signs up for an account. Many businesses use them to share documents among other departments or easy access form home. They also have a small business friendly template gallery that’s FREE to use including business plans, basic invoices and DYI business card maker. This is something any small retailer should take advantage of, why pay when you can do it for free.

4. Reduce Costs And Build Customer Loyalty – John Nicola, senior VP of merchant sales at First Data offers some wonderful tips on how to lower your small retail business costs and grow customer loyalty. The tips include advice on upgrading your current POS, contactless payments, paperless payroll options and growing profits through customer loyalty.

5. Let Your Customers Know About Your Publicity – The Retail Specialty Expert offers up some amazing advice on publicity. If you’re running a special promotion to bring in new customers you should find a way to let your existing customers know. This builds credibility and reminds your current customers why they love shopping with you. There are four ways listed that will help you let people know about in store promotions and not just new customers but loyal returning ones too.

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