MerchantOS POS Software Review


Company Website: MerchantOS
Product Website: MerchantOS
Price Range: Monthly – Basic $49.95, Pro $79.95, Premium $99.95
Operating Systems: Web Based, Windows, Mac, Linux

MerchantOS POS Software Overview

MerchantOS is a Web Based Point of Sale software application that is so easy to use. Whether you’re running a Windows, Mac or Linux system you can access and use the POS software from anywhere that has an internet connection. This eliminates the need for buying or upgrading expensive hardware. MerchantOS will help you improve your overall business by providing extensive inventory control, customer relations management, credit card processing and many more daily operations. Imagine eliminating the stress of backups, data loss, viruses and software updates thus leaving you more time to concentrate on the core of your business.

MerchantOS is offered in three pay as you go, no obligation monthly subscription plans. The Basic plan is perfect for a small or work at home business that uses only one register. The Professional plan is ideal for a medium size business and includes all the features of the Basic plus a few more. The Premium plan is for larger retailers that need POS software across multiple locations. MerchantOS is Free for the first 30 days and there are no contracts so you may cancel at any time. Try it for yourself by visiting their website to access the online demo.

MerchantOS POS Software Features

  • Layaways
  • Special Orders
  • Refunds
  • Store Credit
  • Gift Cards
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Real-Time Stock Information
  • Create Item Descriptions
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Count of Inventory
  • List of Customers
  • Customer Contact Details
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Credit Card Processing
  • SSL 128-bit Encryption
  • Back Up of all Data in Real Time
  • Back Up Copies Stored in Off Site Safe
  • Configure Individual Registers
  • Employee Management
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Access From Anywhere
  • No Software Updates
  • Phone Support (Premium)
  • Multi-Shop All Stores Managed on One Account (Premium)

Editor’s Review Of MerchantOS


MerchantOS is a web-based Point of Sale solution which I found after one of their people left a comment on this blog. Today I finally had time to have a look at it, and as it is web-based they have a far easier job than other manufacturers offering a demo on their site. Talking about their site, they also do a good job explaining the benefits of web based solutions such as location independent availability and low software installation costs.

MechantOS has a nice look and feel thanks to the use of AJAX, and a rich feature set. After logging in I was presented with a list of registers, after which I came to the sales screen. As you can see, sales options include several payment types, printing invoices, customer selection and layaway.


Other features of MerchantOS include inventory control, work orders, rentals, purchase orders and of course reporting.

MerchantOS Point of Sale Software Review by Fitzgerald’s

3 Responses to MerchantOS POS Software Review
  1. D Little

    I highly recommend Merchant OS to any business. As a small business person, I have found the system affordable, versatile, and the dealer support absolutely sterling. I have spoken with other business people who have spent literally ten times the amount on other systems that are not at all as good as this. They envy our Merchant OS system, naturally!

  2. Bradley Saul

    We’ve been using MerchantOS in our business since we started. I’ve found the software easy to use, and the support and response to feedback is par none.

  3. Christopher Rucker

    Hello, I currently have a POS system but the reporting is not adequate. Are you able to show me some of your reporting abilities.

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