4POS Retail Software Review


Company Website: Bibase SoftwareBibase Software
Product Website: 4POS Retail
Price Range: $49 – $64
Operating Systems: Windows ME, XP, Vista

4POS Retail Software Overview

Using Windows 98 or later, the 4POS Retail product is software that will make it possible to use your computer as a point of sale workstation. A company can use this software to process sales once you add your stock to the software. The 4POS Retail product brings a company’s inventory and customer databases together making it simple to use the sales interface. Using this software allows companies to track items that are sold and the software provides a secure log on to protect it also.

4POS Retail

4POS Retail Software Features

  • Daily sales
  • Taxes
  • Dual currency
  • Easy functionality
  • Flexible hardware options
  • In depth reports
  • Barcode printing
  • Flyers and reminders
  • Special hardware support
  • Advanced easy to use interface
  • Receipt printer and cash drawer support

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