Retail Star POS Software Review


Company Website: Cam Commerce
Product Website: Retail Star
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP Pro, Vista Pro

Retail Star POS Software Overview

Retail Star POS provides an affordable solution for the traditional and internet retail business. It is a powerful program that will help you manage inventory, track customers and track point of sale transactions. Retail Star is the only retail system that automates all of your sales channels and provides you with a real-time balance sheet and profit/loss report at the end of the day. This software provides the latest benefits that Windows programming technology and client/server database has to offer. Retail Star has an optional Ecommerce Module available, click here to read the I.STAR Ecommerce Review.

Retail Star POS Software Features

  • Security
  • Retail automation
  • Internet ready
  • Complete Inventory Control System
  • Multiple sales channels supported
  • Integrated e-Commerce storefront
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Integrated POS with customer loyalty system
  • Gift Card Processing Module
  • True 32-bit Windows application
  • Uses SQL database
  • Access data through third-party programs using ODBC

Retail Star Point of Sale Video Overview

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