Aralco POS Software Review


Company Website: Aralco
Product Website: Aralco POS
Price Range: Not Available
Operating Systems: Windows XP Pro, Server, 2000

Aralco POS Software Overview

Aralco has been offering this powerful user friendly POS software and Retail Inventory management software since 1982. It features advanced functions that can easily be customized to your business needs. The Retail Inventory system allows you to set up products, control your inventory and customer profile. This gives you the capability to forecast future purchases and inventory needs.

Aralco POS Software Features

  • User definable screens
  • User definable reports
  • Excel/word interface
  • Accounting interface
  • Multi-store chains
  • Auto replenishment
  • Sophisticated CRM
  • Retail driven
  • Real-time reporting
  • Employee management
  • Product image support
  • Reminder system
  • Security
  • Invoice email
  • Web cam support
One Response to Aralco POS Software Review
  1. disgruntled

    This is the biggest piece of crap…I have been working with this for 5 years and it is nothing but headaches. Everytime they update their POS we have issues that they cannot resolve. They blame all of their software problems on our hardware,which is brand new. DO NOT BUY THIS !!!
    Customer service is rude and unhelpful. In fact they deny the problems we are having. RUN TIME ERROR 91 !

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